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Karwa Chauth 2022: Chand kab niklega? know the timings in Delhi, other cities

ANI | Updated: Oct 13, 2022 18:06 IST

New Delhi [India], October 13 (ANI): Karwa Chauth is one of the most important festivals celebrated mainly by Hindu married women in India. It is the celebration of marriage, wherein the wife fasts the entire day so as to be blessed with long and healthy life for her husband. The married women follow the 'nirjala' fast without food and water, and the moon plays an extremely important in fasting. Women can break their fast after the sighting of the chandrama.
After the sunset, all women and their family members keep gazing at the sky to see when the moon will emerge. Undoubtedly, "Chand dikh gaya (There's the moon!)," is one sentence that actually brings smiles to the married women's faces on Karwa Chauth.
As it's Karwa Chauth today and all married women must be waiting for the moon to emerge, it's important for them to know the timings of the moonrise in their city.
As per Drik Panchang, the moon will rise after 08:00 pm today.
Here's the citywise moonrise tentative time. However, the timings could be changed owing to the city's weather.

Delhi - 08:00 to 08:30 pm

Noida - 08.09 pm

Gurugram - 08.11 pm

Jaipur - 08.19 pm

Agra - 08.07 pm

Amritsar - 08.10 pm

Jammu - 08.09 pm

Lucknow - 07.58 pm

Kolkata - 07.37 pm

Mumbai - 08.48 pm

Pune - 08.45 pm

Srinagar - 08.06 pm

Bangalore - 08.40 pm
Hopefully, moon does not play hide and seek today and women don't have to wait longer for chandrodaya (moonrise). Happy Karwa Chauth! (ANI)