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Still from a viral clip (Image source: Instagram)
Still from a viral clip (Image source: Instagram)

WATCH: Cat grooves to Punjabi music

ANI | Updated: Aug 07, 2022 15:43 IST

New Delhi [India], August 7 (ANI): Are you having a bad day and in need of some respite? Look no further! Videos featuring animals often capture the curiosity of people who further share and reshare them on social media, leading to these clips going viral. Take a look at the Punjabi dance video of a cute cat.
Recently, an Instagram handle @imjustbesti re-shared a video of a woman who makes her cat dance to some Bhangra beats.

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Re-sharing the video, the page wrote, "Even that tail is on beat."
A Tik Tok user, @japmeeeeet dropped a video of her cat alongwith a caption. She wrote, "Making sure my cat knows he's Punjabi."
In the video, a girl was seen holding her cat and making her dance on the beats of Punjabi folk song. The cat seems to be confused but did support her owner by letting her record a video and play with the paws.
As soon as the video was posted, the users chimed into the comment section.
One of the users wrote, "Turning billi into Billo."
Another comment reads, "Cat be : khasmankhaani marjani kutti!"
Users bombarded the comment section with hilarious comments.
"for sure she is Punjabi," stated another comment.
Have you ever seen this cute cat dance video before? (ANI)