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Kylie Jenner (Image Source: Instagram)
Kylie Jenner (Image Source: Instagram)

Trespasser arrested at Kylie Jenner's home

ANI | Updated: Jun 13, 2021 15:12 IST

Washington [US], June 13 (ANI): Kylie Jenner is the latest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to get an unwanted visit at her home. An alleged trespasser tried to crash through her house and refused to leave until he got a chance to declare his love to her, reported TMZ.
Law enforcement sources told TMZ that a 35-year-old man was arrested at Kylie's Los Angeles area property this week. The security team of Kylie said that they were familiar with the man as he had earlier tried to do the same and had always complied when asked to leave.
However, this time it was different as the man allegedly refused to leave until he got to profess her love face-to-face to Kylie. The beauty mogul was not at home during this incident, as per TMZ.

In the meantime, the security, detained him until police arrived to arrest him. TMZ reported that the man was booked for misdemeanour trespassing, and then released.
On a related note, Kim has also been going through legal procedures to attain a permanent restraining order against a man who was allegedly been harassing her over social media and showing up at her home apparently sent her a creepy package containing a diamond ring for engagement and 'Plan B' letter.
Meanwhile, Kylie and Kendall were also granted restraining orders against the same man, who allegedly tried to take a naked dip in Kendall's pool, and then showed up at Kylie's place after he was released from jail. (ANI)