The ongoing adventure skiing activities in Gulmarg.
The ongoing adventure skiing activities in Gulmarg.

Skiing courses on swing to promote adventure tourism in Gulmarg

ANI | Updated: Mar 12, 2020 16:23 IST

Gulmarg (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Mar 12 (ANI): Amid fresh snowfall in the Valley, the skiing courses are on a swing to promote adventure tourism in the world-famous ski resort Gulmarg.
The skiing courses are going on under the supervision of Skiing Association of Gulmarg in collaboration with youth sports and services. They are aiming at the promotion of adventure sports and tourism in Gulmarg.
Kashmir, which is known as paradise on the earth and Gulmarg is one of the best skiing destinations in Kashmir, famous across the globe for its suitable skiing slopes that attract ski lovers from across the world.
In view of the apt weather and slopes, and for the promotion of overall skiing activities, and the attraction of skiing lovers, the authorities have started a number of skiing courses for different age groups.
A skiing trainer Riyaz Ahmad, while sharing his views on the growing adventure sport with ANI, said: "We are having a lot of fun here. We are enjoying the training. At most places, girls were not able to participate but in Gulmarg, girls are also participating."
On being asked about the scope of adventure sport, Ahmad replied: "There is a huge scope for ice skiing and winter sports. One can go for state and national level competitions and then can apply for Olympics. There is a very good scope in skiing."
The Valley saw young skiers enjoying the winter sport. A local skier Sehraj Kour shared her joy while enjoying the sport: "We make friends. We learn and we make people learn. These small sports that are taking place will promote adventure sports, which will be a piece of very good news for us. We are enjoying a lot. We have fun while skiing."

The climatic conditions in Gulmarg are apt for different winter games and especially for skiing that results in a number of winter games that take place here.
Ridha, a local skier, said: "I like skiing. When we receive support from the people and when we see people do skiing, we feel extremely happy. In Kashmir, skiing is very famous."
She said that these activities will go a long way in promoting tourism in the region as well. "Skiing activities have definitely given a boost to tourism and sports. We feel utter joy when foreigners come here."
Aurelien Kruse, a tourist from France, said: "The sky is great. It is my first day here. So, I am looking forward to other days here in Gulmarg."
"It takes a lot to develop a good ski station. In France we have many ski stations. It takes a lot of infrastructure and a lot of space," he said.
He went on to add that there is a huge scope for adventure tourism. "The culture and atmosphere here is interesting."
Recently, Gulmarg hosted the first 'Khelo India' winter games which witnessed the participation of hundreds of players from different parts of the country. (ANI)