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Miss Universe third runner up Adline Castelino
Miss Universe third runner up Adline Castelino

Miss Universe 3rd runner up Adline Castelino opens up about her journey, shares she contracted COVID-19

By Bhawna Arya | Updated: May 21, 2021 19:26 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 21 (ANI): Adline Castelino, who emerged as the third runner up at the 69th edition of LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2020, in an interview with ANI got up close and personal about her path-breaking journey.
She also shared that she contracted COVID-19 a week before joining the competition. The diva also dished on how she feels about representing the country at the international level.
Speaking about how her journey and how did the training take place during the coronavirus pandemic, Castelino said, "My training was done virtually, there was a lockdown so we could not get things on time. I'd received my outfit just an hour before I'd leave for America for the competition. I myself contracted COVID, just a week before my pageant. After that, I was suffering from exhaustion, but I never had the time to relax and prep myself up."
On being asked about her journey and struggles to be the third runner up at the prestigious event, said, "The journey and the struggle was to win it. I would say that I will keep on going, and people have lived that (the journey) with me, as we were in a pandemic just a year ago."
"Even to leave for the beauty competition, my flight was booked for May 5, however, since a lockdown was going to happen, so, I escaped on 29 April, to reach America. So, the journey has been both adventurous and challenging at the same time," she continued.
Commenting on how she feels about representing India at an international level, she shared, "Going through all this during my journey, instilled a lot of humility in it. We go through so much in our daily lives, even with the COVID situation, people who were going through coronavirus, their families, and the ones who have lost their loved ones to the infection messaged me to say that 'You are the only source of hope for us in this time,' and when you have such responsibility on your shoulders you want to do your best."
On being asked if she regrets not winning the Miss Universe beauty pageant, she said, "Not at all. As even before I left for India for the beauty pageant, (Miss Universe 2000) Lara Dutta told me, "You can only have your performance in your hands, what happens to you isn't, so do your best. I truly from the bottom of my heart did everything I could for my country. I stood there maybe not as a winner but as the happiest girl in the universe."
Born and raised in Kuwait, Castelino moved by herself at the young age of 15 to the 'City of Dreams,' Mumbai, to pursue her own goals, one of which got fulfilled when she stepped on the Miss Universe stage. (ANI)