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Howard Stern (Image Source: Instagram)
Howard Stern (Image Source: Instagram)

Howard Stern reveals his father Ben passed away at 99

ANI | Updated: Aug 15, 2022 00:15 IST

Washington [US], August 15 (ANI): American radio and TV personality Howard Stern has revealed that his father recently passed away at the age of 99.
According to Page Six, the SiriusXM radio host revealed the sad news in an interview with Hampton's local outlet Dan's Papers but did not provide any details about his dad's death.
"I lost my father recently, he was 99 years old," Stern said, before announcing he's working on a special project in honour of his late father.

Stern revealed the project is sure to get his creative juices flowing. Although he's best known for interviewing some of the biggest names on the planet, one of the presenter's hidden talents includes painting.
In fact, he's putting that skill to good use as he unveiled plans to paint barns with a tie to his dad. "Next up: Corwith Barns," he said of his upcoming project, adding "I've done a bunch of smaller paintings of the barns but this one is a larger size."
He continued, "The barns are no longer there but I photographed them many times, and I'm doing a big painting that hopefully captures every broken board on that fading structure."
"Not sure how old those barns were, but I feel like painting the barns is honouring him and all those growing older and then gone," Stern added.
As per Page Six, Stern often spoke about his parents, including his mom Ray Stern. In his 2019 book, 'Howard Stern Comes Again', he lovingly said his mother was one of his favourite guests on his show. (ANI)