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Following race controversy, Golden Globes pledges to add 13 Black voting members

ANI | Updated: Mar 17, 2021 23:11 IST

Washington [US], March 17 (ANI): The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is the organisation behind the Golden Globes, has recently made a pledge to add Black members after it was revealed that the group included none.
According to Fox News, back in February, an outlet revealed that the 87-person body of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association possessed no Black members. After this instance came to light, they committed to adding at least 13 Black voting members.
A recent statement obtained by Fox News from the organisation said that the HFPA board is committed to "making necessary changes within our organization and in our industry as a whole."
They added, "We also acknowledge that we should have done more, and sooner. As a demonstration of our commitment, the board has unanimously approved a plan to increase membership to a minimum of 100 members this year, with a requirement that at least 13 percent of the membership be Black journalists."
The statement from HFPA further continued, promising more efforts to increase diversity including working with advocacy groups, reexamining their own policies, and holding trainings on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Variety reported that the negative press towards the organisation, due to this revelation, prompted many Hollywood publicists to advise their clients to avoid events put on by the organisation until they took corrective action.
Upon sending the notice to their clients, the publicists were praised by activist organisation Time's Up, which stated, "We are proud to be in solidarity with the voices of over 100 Hollywood PR firms in calling for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to radically transform the Golden Globes."
They added, "We agree that anything less than transparent, meaningful change will no longer be acceptable. The entire world is watching."
The HFPA body consists of international journalists and has been known for its intense exclusivity. The organisation has previously faced several scandals and controversies over the years but has always bounced back.
In addition to this year's race controversy, the HFPA had earlier caught backlash when it was revealed that voters were wined and dined, so to speak, by productions eligible for awards.
As per Fox News, after the lack of Black membership was revealed, the HFPA was quick to point out that the majority of the group consisted of women and that 35 per cent of the members came from non-European countries. (ANI)