Demi Lovato (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Demi Lovato (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Demi Lovato will investigate UFOs in upcoming docuseries

ANI | Updated: May 12, 2021 21:33 IST

Washington [US], May 12 (ANI): American singer-actor Demi Lovato is set to star in a four-part limited unscripted series on Peacock, where she will investigate UFO reports.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series titled 'Unidentified with Demi Lovato' follows the 28-year-old singer "and her sceptical best friend Matthew and her sister Dallas, as they help uncover the truth about the UFO phenomena.
While consulting with leading experts, Demi, Dallas and Matthew will investigate recent eyewitness encounters, uncover secret government reports and conduct tests at known UFO hot spots."
The 'Heart Attack' singer is described as a "true believer" and "hopes to convince her friends, family and her millions of followers that not only are there intelligent beings beyond Earth but that they are already here ... Demi plans to learn enough about the extra-terrestrials through interviewing scientists, alien abductees and her own experiments to initiate those close encounters and make peace with the aliens, and ultimately save ourselves."
Per The Hollywood Reporter, in recent years, the subject of UFOs has gone from fringe pseudo-science to being taken more seriously by mainstream media and the US government.

A blockbuster 2017 New York Times story, along with the release of videos shot by the U.S. Navy of unidentified aircraft, seemed to confirm that objects have repeatedly entered restricted U.S. airspace while demonstrating navigational abilities beyond current publicly known technology.
As unveiled by The Hollywood Reporter, 'Unidentified with Demi Lovato' is executive produced by Lovato, Scooter Braun, Scott Manson, Allison Kaye, JD Roth, Adam Greener, Sara Hansemann and Andrew Nick.
The Grammy-nominated singer is also set to star in a comedy series for the NBC streaming service, 'Hungry', about a support group for people with food issues. (ANI)