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Miss Universe third runner up Miss Adline Castelino
Miss Universe third runner up Miss Adline Castelino

Adline Castelino talks about her plans on joining Bollywood, starting business

By Bhawna Arya | Updated: May 21, 2021 22:22 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 21 (ANI): Adline Castelino, who represented India at the 69th edition of LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2020, and emerged as the third runner up, in a conversation with ANI shared plans on joining Bollywood and staring her own agricultural business.
"Being in the entertainment industry, this is something that comes very naturally regardless of representing India in a beauty pageant or not. It's not because of the pageant that I will go join the industry, this is a part of my job. I am also interested in starting a business of my own, starting an agricultural business, maybe further down the line in politics."
"I am just 22 right now, so I'm open to a lot more adventure and I don't like to limit myself. I also want to give an example to people to not to restrict themselves to one particular thing."
Giving an example, she said, "Even Sushmita, even if she is an actor today, she is also an entrepreneur and she has her own line of jewellery. Even Lara Dutta ma'am is an incredible person in entertainment, and she has her own cosmetic and sanitisation brand. So, I think women are multidimensional and I would want to be many things at one time."
The beauty pageant winner also sent out a message to the young girls saying, "Every young girl has immense possibilities and they have the strength and power to go on. I feel every young girl has immense possibilities even with or without the crown, and they should follow their dreams."
Talking about her experience of representing India at an International level, Castelino shared, "I think it was a life-changing experience representing your country. It's a moment of pride, even if you have a lot of responsibility, in something that you are very excited to carry. This time very special for me because of what my country was going through."
Castelino also shared how people would come to talk to her about pandemic situation in India, "I remember, every day when I woke up and went through social media, there was mass cremation in India, and people were talking about it internationally, also they were talking about the situation. Anybody who would come to meet, would say, 'I'm so sorry this is happening to your country, people are suffering, people are dying."
Dishing on counting blessings even amid the toughest time during the pandemic, the beauty pageant winner said, "I kept on reminding them, that this the truth that people are suffering and dying, but you also look at the part that people are coming together in India and fighting the virus. They don't need a particular authority to do that, and they are working at a communal level, and used their social media for help regarding oxygen cylinders."
Born and raised in Kuwait, Castelino moved out at the young age of 15 to the 'City of Dreams,' Mumbai, to pursue her own goals, one of which got fulfilled when she stepped on the Miss Universe stage. (ANI)