HARV with Justin Bieber (Image Source: Instagram)
HARV with Justin Bieber (Image Source: Instagram)

'Peaches' writer HARV reveals story behind creating massive hit with Justin Bieber

ANI | Updated: Mar 28, 2021 20:04 IST

Washington [US], March 28 (ANI): American writer HARV, in an interview on Sunday (local time), revealed the tale behind creating the massive latest hit collaborative project with pop star Justin Bieber.
HARV, who has been penning R and B, and pop hits for years, is overwhelmed with the response of his new creation 'Peaches' from Bieber's 2021 album 'Justice' that is basking in the highest success to date with the release.
In an interview with Page Six, the writer shared that he is "still taking it all in" and enjoying every moment of the track's success.
"I'm super excited about it. It's like a dream or something. Waking up and watching something you created go massive is incredible. It's overwhelming, but a good overwhelming."
Page Six reported that the fans of the Grammy award-winning singer were first introduced to the track through Bieber's Tiny Desk appearance, which dropped two days before the song's release.
HARV recalled that he played bass for the track during the live performance, but carried the bass, keyboard, piano and guitar while crafting the studio single.
"Tiny Desk was fun because, at the end of the day, we're all just musicians who love to just play our instruments," he told.

"Being able to break the song down in that setting -- even though we've toured and played stadiums and everything -- it was a great experience, especially to do it for Tiny Desk, which is really a platform for musicians."
"Justin was on Instagram just playing the piano and singing a melody," the writer shared while detailing the song's conception.
"I screen-recorded that, and I went to the studio and made the beat, made the music around it and texted it to him like, 'Justin, you were going crazy on IG, I thought of an idea for the melody.' Immediately, he goes to the studio, cuts his a capella and sends it to me, and I throw it into the music."
He continued to tell that a couple of hours later, Bieber video called him and told: "I got Given on the record".
"And I was like, 'what??? Then he said with a chuckle that this all happened in one day, by the way," HARV continued.
"A month or two later, we were thinking of how we could make the song even more special, and we were all like, 'yo, let's get Daniel on it," added HARV.
As of now, the musician is enjoying the big success of the track and celebrating the milestones as they come.
"Waking up and watching something you created go massive is incredible. It's overwhelming, but a good overwhelming," he told. (ANI)