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'OneRepublic' plans to drop an album by Spring 2020

ANI | Updated: Nov 20, 2019 10:11 IST

Washington D.C [USA], Nov 20 (ANI): Fans of 'OneRepublic' might get a new song by the bandmates in the New Year, somewhere around Spring.
Ahead of the band's 'Share the Code. Hit the Road' concert in Pioneertown, California on Friday night, frontman Ryan Tedder told People magazine that the plan is to release their fifth studio album -- their first since 2016's 'Oh My My' -- by the end of Spring 2020.
"We wanted to have [the album] out before the end of the year, but if you don't do something before Thanksgiving, there's no shot between Thanksgiving and Christmas from any standpoint," the 40-year-old Tedder said.
"Just because it's Christmas time and it's nuts to put an album out after Thanksgiving. Originally, we were like, 'Let's do it November.' And then we realized that we were gone for three out of the next four weeks, and it was physically impossible to finish an album in the timeframe that we thought we needed it," he added.
Band's guitarist Drew Brown added, "We also heard that Lizzo record, and we were like, 'Let's wait.'"
Though Tedder said the band plans to drop songs leading up to the album's release, fans can expect a full record to come either next April or May.
"We tour in the summer, so we do have an actual hard deadline," he said. "I don't want to get past Memorial Day without an album physically being out."
"We have two years worth of songs just scattered on hard drives," he continued. "So now it's combing through those and finishing the best ones and making a coherent album out of the last two years." (ANI)