Musical artist Nucleya (Image Source: Nucleya)
Musical artist Nucleya (Image Source: Nucleya)

Nucleya's collaboration with global dance act Major Lazer, 'Jadi Buti' out now!

ANI | Updated: Oct 23, 2020 16:34 IST

New Delhi [India], October 23 (ANI): With the release of Major Lazer's long-awaited album 'Music Is The Weapon,' desi bass DJ and producer Nucleya on Friday made his debut on the innovative label, Mad Decent with 'Jadi Buti.'
This comes just a few days after his collaboration with global dance music trio, Major Lazer was announced.
Sung by 'The Remix' winner Rashmeet Kaur, 'Jadi Buti' is a fun, cheeky track that pays homage to the sound and style of Bollywood but in true Nucleya and Major Lazer fashion.
A trailblazer for a sound and genre that he created - the distinctly Indian 'desi bass' sub-genre - Nucleya's latest track 'Jadi Buti' perfectly captures his signature style, for a global audience.

"I'm excited to see how people around the world are going to respond to the track. My hope is that even though they might not understand what is being sung instantly, the audience will see that sometimes it doesn't matter and they'll be receptive to this global sound," said Nucleya.
The musical trio of 'Lean On,' - Major Lazer - are also delighted for their collaboration with the Indian artist as the country has always been "special," to them.
"India is special and its beauty has absolutely humbled us every time we have visited. We have an incredible fan base there, and we know that India absolutely loves Nucleya," said the dance music trio.
"We've been trying to work on a song together and 'Jadi Buti' was just the kind of song that we wanted for Music Is The Weapon. Major Lazer has always been a cultural mashup, and the album reflects that" they added.
'Jadi Buti' released on October 23, as does 'Music Is The Weapon,' and will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms. (ANI)