Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea alleges Jamie Spears made her sign NDA before BBMAs performance with Britney Spears

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2021 22:04 IST

Washington [US], July 1 (ANI): Australian rapper and songwriter Iggy Azalea has spoken out in support of her collaborator Britney Spears, and has alleged that her father and co-conservator, Jamie Spears, made the 'Fancy' singer sign a non-disclosure agreement before their 2015 performance at the Billboard Music Awards.
In a new statement posted to Twitter, Azalea claimed that she has "personally witnessed the same behaviour" that Britney alleged in her explosive, 24-minute testimony last week.

Azalea's statement began, "Its basic human decency to at the very least remove a person Britney has identified as abusive from her life. This should be illegal. During the time we worked together in 2015, I personally witnessed the same behavior Britney detailed in regards to her father last week and I just want to back her up & tell the world that: She is not exaggerating or lying."
She further continued, "I saw her restricted from even the most bizarre and trivial things: like how many sodas she was allowed to drink. Why is that even Necessary?"
Azalea claimed that Jamie "conveniently" waited until "moments before" the duo's Billboard Music Awards performance that year to force Azalea to sign an NDA -- or else "he would not allow me on stage."

"The way he went about getting me to sign a contract, sounded similar to the tactics Britney spoke about last week in regards to her Las Vegas show," Azalea shared.
"Jamie Spears has a habit of making people sign documents while under Duress it seems, and Britney Spears should not be forced to co-exists with that man when she's made it clear it is negatively impacting her mental health. This is not right at all," she concluded.
On Tuesday, Jamie had filed a petition that has been obtained by E! News and called for an investigation into Britney's allegations of mistreatment against her conservatorship. In the document, Jamie also noted that he has not managed his daughter's personal or medical affairs for the past two years.
During her testimony, Britney alleged that she was put on lithium after wanting to back out of a show in Las Vegas, with the justification being that she was not taking her current medication or cooperating at rehearsals.
Last week, Britney had claimed that her father, who's now living in a trailer, should be in jail for the way he's allegedly abused and controlled her. She also claimed he won't allow her to have her birth control device removed, preventing her from having a baby with boyfriend Sam Asghari.
Jamie has controversially been at the head of the conservatorship since it began in 2008. His attorney has repeatedly said he loves his daughter, but Britney, who pays all of her father's legal fees against her will, per the terms of the conservatorship, described her arrangement to the judge as "abusive."
As per Page six, Azalea's comments came after Judge Brenda Penny officially denied on Wednesday Britney's request to have her father removed as conservator, a request that was made in February. As stated by the judge on Wednesday, Britney still needs to file a formal motion to end the conservatorship. (ANI)