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Drake and The Weeknd (Image Source: Instagram)
Drake and The Weeknd (Image Source: Instagram)

Drake praises The Weeknd, reminisces first time listening to him

ANI | Updated: Jul 10, 2022 13:43 IST

Washington [US], July 10 (ANI): Canadian rapper and songwriter Drake recently through a series of social media pictures reminisced the first time he ever listened to The Weeknd's music.
According to People magazine, Drake took to his Instagram handle and posted the pictures from one day before the 'Blinding Lights' superstar launched his After Hours til Dawn Tour at the Rogers Centre in both artists' native Toronto, Canada.
In a selfie-style video, the 35-year-old rapper said, "Okay, look. This right here, this little driveway area right here was the first place that I ever heard The Weeknd's music."

"Shoutout to Oliver [El-Khatib], of course, my brother. Oliver played me The Weekend right here. This is my old building in Toronto. We were parked out here. It was raining," recalled Drake.
He then praised The Weeknd for booking such a large venue in their shared hometown. "That same guy is selling out the SkyDome tomorrow," said Drake, referring to the Rogers Centre's previous name.
At the end of the clip, Drake seemed to urge fans to follow The Weeknd's example and spend time on their craft, as success can come at any point.
"I just want anybody that's trying to do this s--- to understand I heard this man's music right here for the first time, pouring rain. It's a great life," concluded Drake.
The Weeknd first earned widespread recognition after two of his early songs were posted to Drake's OVO blog in 2010. They later collaborated on five tracks, 'Shot for Me', 'Crew Love', 'Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude', 'Practice' and 'The Ride', from Drake's 2011 album 'Take Care', as per People magazine. (ANI)