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Lance Kerwin (Source: Twitter)
Lance Kerwin (Source: Twitter)

Star of 'James at 15' Lance Kerwin is no more!

ANI | Updated: Jan 27, 2023 00:40 IST

Washington [US], January 27 (ANI): American actor Lance Kerwin, best known for his roles in series and films like 'James at 15' and 'Salem's Lot', passed away aged 62 on Tuesday in San Clemente, Clif.
According to Variety, a US-based news outlet, an autopsy to determine the cause of death is being conducted.
As a young actor, he first gained notoriety for his work in television and movies like 'The Boy Who Drank Too Much'.
As per Variety, Kerwin played James Hunter in 'James at 15' and 'James at 16'. James at 15 was a 1977 television series that followed a young teen boy who was inspired by photography and was forced to move with his family from Oregon to Massachusetts.
After airing an episode in which James has pre-marital sex and loses his virginity, the show became an object of criticism, drawing tens of thousands of messages in opposition.

The story of the troubled kid continued in 'James at 16', which ran on NBC for 21 episodes in 1977-1978 season. The show was remarkable because it addressed contemporary themes at a time when 'Happy Days' and other sitcoms about teenagers in the 1970s tended to feature actors in their 20s.
Even though 'James at 15' was only on for two seasons, Kerwin's leading part made him a teen idol. Millions of girls flocked to the teenage star during the 1970s, which helped him land numerous cover stories in fan publications like Tiger Beat.
The 'James at 15' actor participated in numerous TV shows and films throughout the 1970s, such as 'Wonder Woman', 'Insight', 'The Family Holvak' and 'Young Joe', and 'The Forgotten Kennedy'. He played one of his final parts in the 1995 film 'Outbreak' and made a comeback the following year in 'The Wind and the Reckoning'.
Later, he worked as a youth pastor in Hawaii and California.
Born in Newport Beach, California, on November 6, 1960, Kerwin made his television debut as a young teen in 'Little House on the Prairie', 'Emergency!' and 'Cannon'.
According to Variety, Kerwin is survived by his five children -- Savanah, Fox, Terah, Kailani, and Justus. (ANI)