Rose McGowan (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Rose McGowan (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Rose McGowan reveals she is being blackmailed

ANI | Updated: Dec 20, 2019 17:58 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 20 (ANI): Rose McGowan, an American actor, has opened up about being blackmailed by someone.
As per Fox News on Wednesday, Rose shared her story on Twitter and explained that a person from her past has been blackmailing to release a sex tape of hers.
Rose revealed in a series of tweets: "I find it deeply distasteful to discuss my personal life, but because I let the wrong person touch me, I'm in an icky situation."

Without mentioning the name of the person allegedly releasing the tape, the 46-year said that a third party informed her that the video may be released.

The actor later confessed about her drug habits and said, "I am an adult in supposedly the 'freest country in the world.' I try to live my life by doing what I want when I want. Believe me, I've earned it. Here's the breaking news: I have lived in Hollywood by myself since I was 15."

McGowan said that in her memoir she had written before that she did LSD in eighth grade.

Owning her actions the actor tweeted, "It is my right to live as I see fit. To do my best to not hurt nor hate," said McGowan. "To continue, despite ZERO reasons why to be a cheerleader for Womxn and Mxn everywhere on this planet. I may live my life differently from most, I certainly get f--ked with more than most, and maybe that's the price for living a free and full life. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm being bullied and I think blackmailed."

McGowan then said that she had such 'devils' after her that she could barely keep up with them, but that she managed to get through with support from her fans, reported Fox News.

She later concluded that she would rather not prefer to discuss her private life in such a manner. (ANI)