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Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges
Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges

'Pitch Perfect' star Adam Devine ties the knot with Chloe Bridges

ANI | Updated: Oct 11, 2021 18:30 IST

Washington [US], October 11 (ANI): American actor-comedian Adam Devine has tied the knot with his longtime love and actor Chloe Bridges.
Erik Griffin celebrated the news on Instagram as he shared a photo of himself and Devine with their 'Workaholics' co-stars Anders Holm and Blake Anderson.
"Dem Boyz! Devine is off the market! Such an awesome wedding!" Griffin captioned the photo.

Comedian Adam Ray also congratulated the newlyweds by posting a series of photos from the wedding festivities, including a snapshot of Devine and Bridges, soaking up the sun in the pool as the actor proudly flashed her ring finger.
"All the love. All the laughs CONGRATS Chloe & Adam," wrote Ray.
Last week, the 'Pretty Little Liars' actor teased her upcoming nuptials by sharing photos of herself in the wedding dresses she considered for the ceremony.
"Were we crazy for trying to plan a wedding during a global pandemic?? Probably, yeah, cause many, many things went wrong including but not limited to us both getting breakthrough covid," Bridges wrote.
"But we gave it our best shot and it's almost here and it seems like it's actually going to pan out!!" she continued. "Consider this dump of the wedding dresses I almost-chose-but-didn't to be your warning that this is going to be a very wedding-heavy account for the next two weeks."
As per People magazine, the pair, who met on the sets of 'The Final Girls' in 2014, got engaged in October 2019 after over four years of dating.
"She said yes!" Devine announced on Instagram at the time. "Well actually she said "ahh Adam" and then kissed me but I'm pretty sure that means YES! I love Chloe more than anything and I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with her amazing self."
He continued, "You are my best friend and I'm thrilled you want to get old and wrinkly with me! You'll be less wrinkly. I'm gonna look like a Saint Bernard. I proposed this past weekend and wanted to keep it private for a few days but we are now ready to tell the world! Love you @chloebridges!"
Devine also joked, "Have fun planning the wedding. I'll be there for the cake tasting."
Bridges also shared photos of the proposal on Instagram, writing, "We are doing it!! I love this man with my whole heart and I am so excited to be with him forever."
"I've known we had a special connection since we first met (well FIRST I liked the way his butt looked in his jeans and the way he made me laugh and the fact that his backpack was monogrammed which seemed VERY adult to me five years ago)," she wrote.
"And I quickly learned that he is the kindest, funniest, most incredible man I've ever met. I'm so proud to be his girl and will be even prouder to be his wife. Let's do this baby," she added. (ANI)