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Mayim Bialik (Image Source: Instagram)
Mayim Bialik (Image Source: Instagram)

Mayim Bialik shares she felt 'different' while growing up in Hollywood

ANI | Updated: Jun 12, 2021 21:11 IST

Washington [US], June 12 (ANI): Mayim Bialik recently opened up about her experience of growing up as a young child performer in Hollywood and revealed that she felt "different" from others while it was happening.
According to Fox News, the 'Big Bang Theory' alum divulged, "I don't know if I felt normal growing up. But I don't think that had to do with the fact that I was a child actor -- I think that I came from a really unusual family. So nothing felt normal for me. I always felt different."
The 'Jeopardy!' guest host pressed that she felt like an outsider growing up in the public eye as a young actor. She explained, "Being on television definitely ... made me feel like more of an outsider. Being in the public eye is definitely abnormal. But there was a lot about my life that was still normal: I was still treated like a normal kid who had to go to school, and do my chores and be picked on by my brother."

During a virtual panel for Fox's Winter Press Tour in December, Bialik told reporters that seven years after breaking out as an actor in the 1988 musical drama 'Beaches' at the age of 12, she removed herself from the Hollywood eye simply because she wanted to have "an experience of being appreciated for what was inside and not just sort of what I could offer people."
The 45-year-old actor, at the time said, "I was 19 when I left the industry and I was away for 12 years. I got my degree and I had my two sons and I taught neuroscience for about five years after getting my degree. And the God's honest truth is I was running out of health insurance and I went back to acting so that I could literally just get enough insurance to cover my toddler and my infant. And I had never seen the 'Big Bang Theory.'"
As per Fox News, the 'Call Me Kat' star and executive producer, who also held down guest spots on 'Doogie Howser, M.D.' as a child star, said she credits the film 'Blossom' for opening her mind to the fact that she didn't feel normal because her life wasn't a normal experience, instead she lives one that people rarely have the opportunity to have even in their adult lives. (ANI)