Lala Kent (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Lala Kent (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Lala Kent reveals why she had baby name Ocean picked out for years

ANI | Updated: May 06, 2021 19:38 IST

Washington [US], May 6 (ANI): Model Lala Kent recently revealed that she and her husband Randall Emmett had a baby name picked out for years before the arrival of their baby girl in March.
According to People magazine, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight the 30-year-old author, who became a new mom on March 15, explained the origin of her daughter Ocean's name.
'The Vanderpump Rules' star also dished on why she and her fiance planned on using the moniker whether they welcomed a boy or a girl.

"Randall's obsessed with the water. He was born in Miami and he's a scuba diver, whatever - we're both into the water. I'm, like, on the opposite end; I'm obsessed with it, but I don't f**k with it like that because it's powerful and I don't know where the bottom is and anything could eat me out there," said Kent.
She continued, "I don't even know why this name didn't come up sooner but we were in the Bahamas three years ago, I walked past this yacht and it was called the 'Ocean Alexander', and I was like, 'Oh my God, the name Ocean, it has to be my baby's name."
"Randall loved it and it made total sense for the name to be Ocean. We knew that we were going to name our first baby -- whether it was a boy or a girl -- Ocean."
The 'Give Them Lala' author also told the outlet how she found a new appreciation for fellow moms after giving birth to her first child.
As per People magazine, she explained, "I'm strong in a way that I really didn't think that I was. I used to see moms and be like, 'Oh, that's so cute. They're a mom...' and now I have a different respect for them. And I can't believe that I embody the things that moms are supposed to. You just kind of sink into it. And I didn't think that I had that in me." (ANI)