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Kevin Hart (Image source: Instagram)
Kevin Hart (Image source: Instagram)

Kevin Hart reveals he worked with Navy SEALS for upcoming movie

ANI | Updated: Jun 20, 2021 19:29 IST

Washington [US], June 20 (ANI): American stand-up comic and actor Kevin Hart, who has been lately working to branch out of comedy, recently showed off his physique and revealed that for his upcoming action-adventure movie 'Borderlands', he worked with the US Navy SEALS.
Earlier this week, Hart took to his Instagram handle and flaunted his ripped physique after working hard to look like an action star and revealed that he recruited Navy Seals to help him prepare. In the shirtless photo, Hart donned only dark-colored pants and muddy boots.
In the caption, he wrote, "Approaching the end of Borderlands & I gotta be honest....I am so blown away by the work that was done here in Budapest ....from top to bottom.... Our cast and crew and production team and studio were all A 1 on this project. This movie is going to be super special and unexpected."

The actor further gushed about making a "real action" movie, saying that the experience was "everything" he dreamed it would be, and added, "Major thank you to everyone that helped me prepare for this role....from my navy seal friends to my weapon training to the hand to hand combat. It was all worth it..... The world is in for a treat with 'Borderlands' MARK MY WORDS!!!!!"
Hart concluded the post with a shoutout to his trainer, who offered praise in the comments, "Always proud of the work and the commitment. Never Settle. Only way is up!"
In a separate comment, the trainer joked, "We aren't done yet and you weren't suppose to post a picture a--hole."
As per Fox News, 'Borderlands' will follow Cate Blanchett's Lilith as she teams up with Hart's Roland, an elite mercenary, and several others to battle aliens in an attempt to rescue a young girl.
The movie also stars Jack Black, Jamie Lee Curtis, Edgar Ramirez, Cheyanne Jackson and Haley Bennett. (ANI)