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Jennifer Lopez (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Jennifer Lopez (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Jennifer Lopez looks back at 2002 engagement ring from Ben Affleck

ANI | Updated: Apr 23, 2020 16:29 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], April 23 (ANI): American actor-singer Jennifer Lopez currently sports an 18-carat engagement ring from her fiance Alex Rodriguez that cost him a whopping 1.8 USD million, but she is still giddy when she speaks about the famous pink sparkler she received from Ben Affleck back in 2002, at the height of their romance.
According to Fox News, the 50-year-old star spoke about the 6-carat rock on Monday (local time), during a group conversation with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, Dua Lipa and Charli XCX after mentioning that she had been watching musicals with her children such as the American singer Barbara Streisand-led 'Funny Girl,' whom Lopez said she had no idea has a huge soft spot for diamonds.
JLO said, "I met [Streisand] at an Oscar party, years ago, and I was at the time engaged to Ben Affleck, and -- she's really into diamonds, which I didn't know. He had given me a pink diamond, which got a lot of press and was ... whatever. I loved getting it, don't get me wrong."

Eliciting a round of laughs, Lowe said, "It was very much not 'whatever'."
Lopez said, "I mean, I loved getting it, don't get me wrong."
She added, "So, she came up to me, and like, she's heard of it. And she's like, 'Can I see your ring?' And she asked me about the ring, but then she asked me -- and I thought it was so strange -- about being famous, and how I handle it."
Likely, Streisand knew exactly what Lopez had on her finger because the glistening Harry Winston ring was worth an estimated 2.5 million USD and set a new trend for coloured diamonds.
Lopez and her fiance are enjoying a whirlwind engagement with their blended families these days; despite their wedding planning being placed on hold amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (ANI)