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Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant believes he is 'too old' to act in rom-coms

ANI | Updated: Jun 07, 2019 14:00 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], June 7 (ANI): Actor Hugh Grant, who married his girlfriend Anna Eberstein last year, believes that he is no longer young enough for rom-coms and regrets his decision to act in those films.
"Well, yes, but less now because I've gotten too old and ugly and fat to do them anymore, so now I've done other things, and I've got marginally less self-hatred," Grants answered on being asked if he had an inferiority complex, during The Hollywood Reporter's drama actor round table.
Despite having a great career and a huge fan base, the actor regrets his decisions to work in rom-coms.
"Every decision I ever made was probably wrong. After [1994's Four Weddings and a Funeral], and the world was my oyster. I should've made interesting decisions and done different stuff. Instead, I repeated myself almost identically about 17 times in a row."
The 58-year old has worked in a number of romantic comedies like 'Four Wedding and a Funeral', 'Micky Blue Eyes', 'Notting Hill' and 'Love, Actually'.
Explaining his time doing rom-cons, he said, "I was being paid tons of money. I was very lucky. And most of those romantic comedies I can look squarely in the face -- one or two are shockers, but on the whole, I can look them in the face, and people like them."
Grant that an actor's 'job is to entertain and not to practice some weird, quasi-religious experience.'
He added, "I see us as craftsmen along with the guy who does the lights and the guy who edits and the guy who pushes the dolly."
Other actors who were also a part of the discussion were Richard Madden, Billy Porter, Diego Luna, Sam Rockwell and Stephen James.
Grant is currently working for Guy Ritchie's all star-crime drama 'Toff Guys' alongside Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, Colin Farrell and Charlie Hunnam. (ANI)