Yaron Varsano and Gal Gadot
Yaron Varsano and Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot reveals she chopped her fingertip amid boozy drinking session

ANI | Updated: Apr 25, 2021 14:36 IST

Washington [US], April 25 (ANI): Hollywood star Gal Gadot, recently during a talk show revealed that she permanently lost a piece of her finger during a drinking session, and it's her husband who is at fault.
According to Page Six, the 'Wonder Woman' star told Jimmy Kimmel during a televised interview on Friday, "You know in the early days of pandemic when you start drinking mimosa or sangria or whatever at 11am? So I did that, and then I decided that I'm going to make a cabbage salad because that's what one wants to do."
"Anyway, I started to chop the thing and I chopped the top of my finger," revealed the 35-year-old actor.
Gadot's husband, Yaron Varsano, proceeded to pick the tip of her finger up after the accident. While holding his wife's fingertip, Varsano became so disgusted, according to Gadot, that he threw it in the garbage disposal.
Per Page Six, when Kimmel asked if Gadot went to the hospital after the injury, she said no because "there was nothing to sew" back on her finger.

The actor also shared that she no longer has feeling in the top of that finger and that she is constantly touching it because she's "waiting for it to come back."
The actor recently shared the happy news that she is pregnant with her third child. (ANI)