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Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche (Source: Instagram)
Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche (Source: Instagram)

Ellen DeGeneres sends well-wishes to ex Anne Heche post fiery car accident

ANI | Updated: Aug 11, 2022 12:57 IST

Washington [US], August 11 (ANI): American media personality and TV host Ellen DeGeneres reacted to news of ex-girlfriend Anne Heche's health following her alleged 90 mph car accident last week in Los Angeles, where the actress was pulled from her car after it caught fire after colliding with a house, and is still hospitalised and in a coma.
According to Fox News, The former talk show host, 64, asked if she had spoken to Heche since the incident on Friday, to which DeGeneres responded: "No, have not. We're not in touch with each other, so I wouldn't know."
When asked if she wanted to send the "Six Days Seven Nights" actor any well-wishes, DeGeneres simply stated, "Sure," as she walked to her convertible. "I don't want anyone to be hurt."
Ellen concurred that the accident that occurred in LA almost a week ago "sure was" dangerous. Following the collision in Mar Vista, which also destroyed a house and sent a woman and her dogs into the streets, Heche, 53, is presently in "extremely critical condition" at a hospital.
"She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention," Heche's rep said. "She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident."
Heche's three-year relationship with the comedian ended in 2000, and shortly after, she had a public breakdown. She was later discovered at a stranger's house in Cantua Creek, Fresno County, after having parked her car on a highway and wandering through the desert.

Heche, known for roles in "Another World" and "The Juror," among other projects, was taken to a hospital after authorities who responded to the home of the worried resident determined there was a serious medical issue.
"She proceeded to tell me that she was God and was going to take everyone back to heaven with her in some sort of spaceship," one Fresno deputy wrote in a report at the time.
One year later, Heche admitted to Larry King that she had taken a "hit of ecstasy" when she got out of her car, adding, "I was so far gone by that point, you know, by the time I took the pill, I was waiting for my spaceship."
She revealed to Page Six last year that the failed relationship "cancelled" her from the entertainment industry for ten years and not only "blacklisted" her from Hollywood.
"I didn't do a studio picture for 10 years," she said of the fallout. "I was fired from a $10 million picture deal and did not see the light of day in a studio picture."
Before the fire broke out, residents of the neighbourhood told TMZ that they attempted to help the actress get out of her car before she crashed into a garage door, reversed out of a parking lot, and left the scene. A few minutes later, the "Donnie Brasco" actress ploughed her car into a house, setting the house on fire.
Video from the scene of the incident shows that Heche, who suffered burn wounds, suddenly sat up as authorities rushed her to an ambulance. Heche was "conscious and breathing" when she was taken from the car and placed on a stretcher and had burn wounds. (ANI)