Hollywood actor Chris Evans
Hollywood actor Chris Evans

Chris Evans on two of his viral moments - dog grooming mishap, 'Knives Out' sweater fandom

ANI | Updated: May 15, 2020 16:23 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], May 15 (ANI): In less than a month of making a profile on Instagram, actor Chris Evans has already managed to create viral moments after he posted a picture showcasing the messy aftermath of a haircut he gave to his dog.
The 38-year-old star made his debut on Instagram on May 1 and it was on his second post on the photo-sharing platform where he revealed about the dog's grooming mishap.
'The Avengers' hero, who made a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon's home edition special 'The Tonight Show' on Thursday night, explained how the mishap really happened.
During the show, comedian and host Jimmy Fallon, referring to the dog's grooming incident quipped: 'It's a little unfortunate.'
"I had done it once before right when quarantine began. I gave him just a little bit of a trim and it went great," The Hollywood Reporter quoted Evans as saying.
Recalling his first attempt, the actor explained that he gave his dog, Dodger, a haircut after they went on a walk and his dog was "exhausted".
"So he was straight and flat and you got to go with the hair. Don't go against it," Evans noted.
However, the 'Gifted' actor explained that the second attempt to give a haircut was the first thing he did that morning and realized his dog "had more energy".
"He kept twisting his body," Evans said, which ultimately led to the shaving mishap.
Later, Fallon also brought up the topic about 'Knives Out' sweater, another viral moment of Evans.
In the 2019 movie, Evans' character wears a white, cable-knit sweater that swiftly grabbed his followers' attention.
Dubbing the sweater fandom as a "phenomenon," Fallon asked whether Evans would ever wear that sweater again for a photo to post on Instagram.
"I can't wear it anymore. It's a shame," the actor said about the look. He also mentioned about his doubt to wear any cable-knit sweater without making everyone roll their eyes.
"I don't know if it works anymore," Evans added.
"I love that sweater. I love those sweaters. I love cable-knits. It's my favorite thing about winter," he added. (ANI)