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Antonio Banderas (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Antonio Banderas (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Antonio Banderas reveals how he used his heart attack to fuel performance

ANI | Updated: Nov 14, 2019 17:41 IST

Washington D.C [USA], Nov 14 (ANI): Actor Antonio Banderas recently made a shocking revelation that he used his heart attack to fuel his performance in 'Pain and Glory.'
The 59-year-old actor-producer revealed that he suffered a cardiac arrest two years ago which helped his performances and changed his priorities during a conversation with former co-star Eddie Murphy for 'Variety Studio: Actors on Actors,' reported Variety.
"I suffered a heart attack. When that happens to you when you see death so close, you make different choices," Banderas said.
"The order of priorities of things you thought were important are not important anymore. What is really important is your daughter, your family, your friends, and your vocation. I wouldn't even say my professional life, my vocation as an actor."
Murphy explained, "Do you think when you're facing adversity, that that comes out when you're on screen? That some stuff is there that wouldn't be there if you weren't going through the adversity?"
Banderas said that his persona influences how he creates art.
"Eddie, we create with what we have, with the experiences that we've had in our life, good or bad," he said.
"And that's what will relate to you as a human being, the tools that we have to use as actors. I don't play the trumpet, or I paint, or I write books, I use myself," he concluded. (ANI)