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Leslie Jones back on Twitter

| Updated: Jul 22, 2016 21:03 IST

Washington.D.C, July 22 (ANI): Three days after quitting Twitter owing to online harassment and racial comments, Leslie Jones has made a comeback on the social media site. In a humorous tweet, the actress and comedian wrote, "Welp...a bitch thought she could stay away. But who else is gonna live tweet Game of Thrones!," reports the People Magazine. She later said in another tweet, "Thanks for the love and support I received! made me feel real special See you later on @sethmeyers #LoveForLeslieJ." Earlier, the 48-year-old 'Ghostbusters' star left Twitter following haters slamming her like anything. Before deactivating the profile, she wrote, "with tears and a very sad heart." Jones's heart wrenching statements drove her fans to create the hashtag #LoveForLeslieJ, which they used to voice their support. The situation also caught Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey's attention and he sent Jones a message asking her to get in touch with him. "Hi Leslie, following, please DM me when you have a moment- Jack (@jack)," he tweeted. In response to the vile racial comments, Twitter permanently suspended conservative writer and tech editor of Breitbart.com, Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been blamed of heading the harassment campaign against the Saturday Night Live actress. Twitter also made an announcement that they are investigating ways to improve their process of reviewing abusive behaviour on the social media site and will probably mend their policies. "This type of abusive behavior is not permitted on Twitter, and we've taken action on many of the accounts reported to us by both Leslie and others," the statement reads. "We rely on people to report this type of behavior to us but we are continuing to invest heavily in improving our tools and enforcement systems to prevent this kind of abuse. We realize we still have a lot of work in front of us before Twitter is where it should be on how we handle these issues." Jones returned to Twitter hours ahead of her upcoming appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.(ANI)