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Hemsworth's deleted 'Ghostbusters' scene cost Sony millions

| Updated: Jul 22, 2016 20:06 IST

Washington.D.C, July 22 (ANI): Looks like the decision to cut Chris Hemsworth's dance sequence in 'Ghosbusters' reboot was a pricey one. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the scene of the 'Thor' star dancing to the Bee Gees, which now appears in the closing credits, cost in the low seven figures and was apparently the "biggest decision" of director Paul Feig's life. In the scene, the 32-year-old actor's possessed receptionist character is seen leading hundreds of New York Police Department officers and camouflage-clad soldiers in a choreographed dance to the song 'You Should Be Dancing' in the middle of Times Square. The scene was removed after receiving "not so good" reaction from viewers during the test screening. Further, a report in Vulture states, it was one of Feig's favourite sequences. He was quoted as saying "There was something about it where it became a bit imcomplete." He further said, "It was stopping the flow for the audience, because even though they really loved it, they were having trouble coming back out of it. It was making the rhythm a little too goofy, in a weird way, and it was hurting our story a little bit . but it was Chris Hemsworth doing this amazing dance sequence!" (ANI)