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Priyanka Chopra (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Priyanka Chopra (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Priyanka feels audience have triggered a change in Bollywood!

By Prachi Arya | Updated: Oct 02, 2019 22:36 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 2 (ANI): Stealing the limelight with her Miss World 2000 beauty pageant and a career spanning 19 years in the glamour world, Priyanka Chopra feels that audience's demand has led to a change in cinema.
"I think the audience have changed. Their demands and expectations have changed. Bollywood just caters to what people expect to watch," she told ANI.
The National Award winner, who made her screen debut with Tamil cinema 'Thamizhan' in 2000, has been a part of both critically and commercially acclaimed films.
And with the release of her next movie -- The Sky is Pink -- less than a fortnight away, the actor feels that expectations and demands of the audience have triggered a change in Bollywood.
"Now with streaming coming in, people are exposed to cinema from all over the world. Now I can watch a movie from Iran and I think that has expanded the audience. They don't want to leave their brains behind and watch a movie," the 37-year old added.
With several content-driven films coming up these days, Priyanka is of the view that the "audience want to watch cinema which is content-heavy and you can see that with the kind of movies which are successful now."
"Look at the movies which have eventually done well now. Are they the pot-boiler masala movies where you don't think or they're the ones, which are content heavy? That's the kind of cinema Bollywood is making," explained the former Miss World.
When asked about struggles and difficulties in opting for roles which are age centric, where female actors get to play aged characters in the film, the 'Fashion' actor, who is playing the role of Aditi Chaudhary, a mother of two, in her upcoming feature, spoke about "stereotype" thinking of the people.
"It's a tragic question which really shows stereotype of what is expected out of female actors which I think has changed. I played a mother's role when I was 24 years old in 'Pyaar Impossible,' and 'Mary Kom'. I think it's really sad that girls are ashamed of playing mothers and are not considered good enough," she expressed.
Shedding light on her career graph, Priyanka asserted that she has never been "defined by anything" but by "filmmakers, roles she took and the kind of films."
"I chose this movie, I chose to produce it, I chose to be a mother of a 21-year-old because I as an actor also age from 24 to 55," she concluded.
Even more, the global sensation feels "privileged" and honoured to play a "25-year span of a woman's life." (ANI)