Hrithik Roshan, SeaYoung Oh
Hrithik Roshan, SeaYoung Oh

Hrithik put aside his own safety for 'War': Action director SeaYoung Oh

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2019 13:43 IST

New Delhi (India), Sept 24 (ANI): Siddharth Anand's 'War' is touted to be the year's biggest action-thriller and South Korean action director SeaYoung Oh who has choreographed some jaw-dropping sequences in the film, revealed that Hrithik Roshan put himself on the line to pull off a startling scene in the movie.
"Hrithik had put aside his own safety for the film to bring a jaw-dropping scene on the screen for the audiences. I want to give standing ovation for Hrithik's fearless and confident performance. The way he smiles after perfectly finishing the action performance is something I will greatly miss," said SeaYoung Oh.
Oh, who specialises in creating complicated yet incredibly brilliant hand to hand combat sequences, also showered heaps of praise on Tiger.
"Making a sequence in a single-shot requires everyone's undivided attention and effort. Especially when this is an action sequence, the actor's inborn talent and action capability becomes a prerequisite," he said.
The director added that Tiger never failed to surprise him with his movements.
"I believe Tiger will be the future of Bollywood's action films," he added.
Oh even described the film to be the hardest ever film that he has ever worked on.
"I remember getting quite disconcerted after reading the script. Number of times I thought, 'How is Siddharth sir planning to do this?' I think I have never shot so many previsualisation videos just for one film (to prep) in my entire years of working in the film industry!" he explained.
"As great the honour it was for me, it was just as burdensome. When the actors are good at action performances, it is definitely beneficial for the film, but for me as an action director, I have a pressure to come up with completely new and unique action sequences that has never been seen before," he continued.
The forthcoming high-octane action entertainer will see Hrithik and Tiger pitted against each other in a massive showdown.
It has been shot in some of the most stunning locations of the world. The team travelled to 7 different countries and 15 world cities to film this action extravaganza.
'War' is set to release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on October 2 and also stars Vaani Kapoor, playing Hrithik's love interest in the film. (ANI)