Veteran art director Leeladhar Sawant and his wife Pushpa Sawant
Veteran art director Leeladhar Sawant and his wife Pushpa Sawant

Dadasaheb Phalke Awardee art director, Leeladhar Sawant facing financial crisis, wife seeks help from film industry

ANI | Updated: Jul 02, 2021 14:17 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 2 (ANI): Thousands of people move to Mumbai every day with a dream of becoming a member of the Hindi film industry. Some people don't even get a chance, while few others do get that golden chance but don't make it big and get unemployed after their achievements.
Such is the life of the veteran art director, Leeladhar Sawant, who is also the recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. The artist is facing a financial crisis even after dedicating 25 years to Bollywood.
Leeladhar Sawant, who has been awarded one of the most prestigious awards of the Indian film industry, lives with his wife Pushpa Sawant in a village named Jaulka in the Washim district of Maharashtra.

In his career spanning over two decades, Leeladhar has created stages for some of the most iconic Bollywood films. His credits include more than 117 films like Shah Rukh Khan's 'Deewana', Sunny Deol's 'Ziddi', Akshay Kumar's 'Mai Khilari Tu Anari', Madhuri Dixit's '100 Days', Govinda's 'Hatya', 'Anari No. 1'.

Leeladhar's wife Pushpa opened up to ANI about the art director's struggles and hardships.

Pushpa spoke to ANI and revealed that their majority of savings have gone in the medical treatment of the veteran art director, who suffered two brain hemorrhages in the past and also underwent two bypass surgeries.
"I request all the actors with whom he has worked to help him. He had undergone 2 bypass surgeries and 2 brain hemorrhages," Pushpa told ANI.
Leeladhar's wife also claimed that Govinda was recommended by her husband to Kirti Kumar, director of 'Hatya', to get the actor to work in the film.
Leeladhar and his wife share a daughter who is married. They also had a son, who died of cancer a few months after his marriage.
The veteran art director's wife shared that at present her husband cannot even talk properly due to the surgeries. The awards received by him are currently adorning the house and he clears the dust from those awards daily.
Pushpa further said that there was a good phase that passed. At present, the couple is surviving on the rent that they get from their tenant living in their house.
Pushpa has urged those who knew and loved Leeladhar Sawant to come forward to help the veteran artist. (ANI)