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Why major companies shifting to Truein's face-recognition technology for attendance-logging?

ANI | Updated: Aug 03, 2020 13:19 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 3 (ANI/Mediawire): Have you ever visited an office and regretted the experience? Was the entrance procedure one of the major things that put you off?
For obvious reasons, all workplaces have to maintain a strict record of its visitors and an even more meticulous record of its employees' attendance. That being said, if the procedure is long and cumbersome, it does ruin the experience for employees and visitors alike and makes the company seem less welcoming than it really is.
That is where Truein comes in and they bring an innovative and easy way to tackle this problem head-on. They caught our attention because recently they have seen a spike in their number of clientele and they are gaining traction at an exponential rate. What changed for them and what sets them apart from similar service providers? We find out.
Companies like Titan, Fiat, Bajaj, HM Clause, Bitwise and Bristlecone have turned to Truein to handle their attendance-logging or visitors management needs.
Truein is not a new company. It was founded by Ankit Tanna and Jigar Pujara in 2015 and their product has evolved over the years. They have been streamlining the process of logging employee attendance and managing visitor data for large corporations.
Their primary mission is to create a seamless experience at the entrance of their client's workspaces to reduce risk and to create a positive episode that will set the tone for the organization's workplace. Following the company's progress, many major players in the industry have taken Truein's products on board.
Truein's product, Staff Attendance, uses artificial-intelligence-based (AI) face-recognition technology. It aims to replace conventional forms of attendance logging and is primarily targeted at systems that use biometrics including fingerprint scanners.
Instead of touching a scanning pad to log attendance or to gain access to a particular area, Truein are offering a touchless solution.
In a country like ours that is still trying to strike a balance between battling the coronavirus and adapt to the 'new normal', this technology is ideal. It offers the right combination of innovation, efficiency and safety needed to keep a large organization functioning seamlessly. So, Truein have become quite the sensation overnight, if we may say so.
Social distancing norms dictate that everyone has to wear a mask and gloves while stepping out of their homes. In such a case, it is difficult to log attendance using the conventional biometric system. Truein's touchless Staff Attendance system uses a face-based technology that is supported by AI. Since the whole technology is face-based, there is not much cost involved in terms of initial investment.
Truein sets up kiosks (mostly tablets equipped with Truein's software) at selected entry points across the office. Other than this simple set-up, Truein does not require any form of additional hardware, making it a relatively cost-effective option as compared to its competition. Employees can walk up to these tablets and wait for it to scan their face.
Once the AI matches the face-scan with its database, the employee is signed in and their attendance for the day is logged in. That is not all because this technology is also capable of recording the temperature and its party piece is that it works even if the person is wearing a face mask, thus making it extremely relevant for the modern workplace.
Essentially, it also significantly minimizes the employees' risk factor because during no point of this process are they expected to remove their mask or gloves.
It gets better because Truein's technology is extremely modular and can be used to cover a wide range of requirements. For example, to prevent congestion at the kiosks, Truein also offers the option of logging attendance from the employees' personal mobile phones. The app is geo-fencing enabled, so, once the employee is within a certain area in the office premises, they can log in their attendance without having to queue up at a kiosk, further promoting social distancing and hence employee safety.
This technology is equally beneficial to both on- and off-site employees. The latter include marketing executives who may spend a lot of time outside the workplace meeting clients and conducting site visits.
Tracking attendance for such employees can be difficult using conventional methods but using geo-fencing, the Truein app allows the user to sign in from the venue of their scheduled appointments for the day, making it easier for the human resources departments to tally attendance at the end of the month.
Today, Truein are bogged with enquiries because their solution is the most robust and feasible one available. Part of their popularity is also credited to the kind of support they provide post installation. This list includes on-site and remote installation, live chat, e-mail and phone support, no maintenance and instant access to new enhancements.
Their portfolio also includes Truein Visitor and Truein Contract Staff. They offer innovative and reliable solutions for monitoring and documenting visitors and contract staff respectively.
Highlights of Truein:

  • 100 per cent robust and high-precision AI-backed system
  • Identifies users irrespective of changes including facial hair and safety masks
  • No external hardware needed; runs on mobile/tablet
  • COVID-19 special features minimizes risks
  • Self-attendance feature for field staff

''We are on the mission to create a seamless entrance at the organizations globally. Safe and secure entrance without compromising on the experience is a balancing act and most companies never achieve both. We at Truein make this possible by leveraging recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence technologies," said Ankit Tanna, Founder and CEO, commenting on his company's overnight popularity and recognition in the staff-attendance solution space.
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