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Mannu Singh, Vice President, Tata Teleservices
Mannu Singh, Vice President, Tata Teleservices

TTBS 'Smartflo' to boost Enterprise Cloud Communication

ANI | Updated: May 03, 2021 14:45 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 3 (ANI/Mediawire): To address the burgeoning demand of hybrid work force for cloud technologies to sustain their business continuity and growth, TTBS has recently introduced Smartflo, a comprehensive and advanced cloud communication suite.
Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), India's leading technology enabler, is at the forefront of digitization of enterprises with its largest portfolio of cloud hosted collaboration and connectivity solutions to make them future ready. In an exclusive chat with us, Mannu Singh, Vice President, Tata Teleservices talks in detail about Smartflo and its benefits for the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Large Enterprises.
Please share some insights on Smartflo services
Smartflo, is an ultra-flexible future-ready cloud communication suite that has been innovatively designed to support today's hybrid work culture. It allows uninterrupted connectivity between all stakeholders, internally within employees and externally with customers and vendors across platforms of voice and data. Smartflo truly defines our vision of product innovation that empowers the enterprises to do big.
Smartflo optimizes connectivity, helps build operational resilience and enables businesses to deliver better customer experiences across channels. With its comprehensive and advance features, the solution is well equipped to fulfil the emerging needs of both SMBS and large enterprises. With increasing number of businesses looking at cloud-based platforms to engage with customers, Tata Tele Business Services is well positioned to seize this large and emerging opportunity.
How will Smartflo address the specific Cloud Communication needs of the SMEs and enterprises?
Businesses are constantly re-imagining operating models and working environments and are engaging in multiple activities via multiple devices. Connectivity with the ecosystem is assumed to be "ON" 24/7 x 365 and there is an emerging need for solutions which are flexible and enable operations beyond boundaries. Smartflo suitably addresses these requirements and enables the businesses to strengthen their engagement with its customers through seamless communication, anytime and anywhere.
It allows business minds to go farther from their cubicles, to work better from anywhere they choose to. The setup is quick with zero installation charges and no capex investment. Smartflo comes with an uptime guarantee of 99.5 per cent backed by TTBS 24X7 managed service capabilities and trust, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.
Smartflo suite of solutions combine an uninterrupted flow of business communication with intelligent call routing and monitoring. Not only this, but it also offers on-demand scalability, which allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing business conditions. Smartflo comes with enterprise-grade security and reliability.
Smartflo suite offer following features to meet the specific needs of SMEs and enterprises:
- Hosted contact Center: Complete Call Center Operations Management suite
- Outbound Marketing Solutions: Integrated Marketing platform for all Outbound Campaigns
- Hosted Call Connect: Complete virtual PBX environment
- Multi-level IVR - Outbound and Inbound Call Management suite with customized routing functions
- Missed Call Solutions - Never miss a call from your customers, Bespoke IVRs for missed calls, automated call backs and scheduled SMS
- Click2Call Solutions - Integrated single click-based communication for end customers
What are the Key differentiators and USPs of Smartflo vis-a-vis the competition?
Smartflo offers sophisticated convergence of digital connectivity, business intelligence and productivity.
Some USPs of Smartflo are:
- Anytime, Anywhere communication
It frees the employees from their desks and let them communicate over the internet - on the go.
- Enhanced customer experience
Provides seamless and frictionless customer experience, AI manages call routing with smart IVR menus, Plug n Play API integration with multiple applications.
- Reduce operational and capital costs
There is no bulky infrastructure and storage, only cloud n phone; works across devices from landlines to smartphones, no infrastructure and maintenance costs.
- Get business intelligence
Get detailed reports and analytics to track agent/project progress; Call notes, live calls, and data insights; Voice to text, keyword mapping and sentiment analysis.
- On-demand scalability
The solution is ultra-flexible, allows on-demand scalability, which enables the enterprises to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changing business conditions.
- Enterprise grade security & reliability
The solution helps enterprises decide who to grant access to with a completely customizable admin portal. RESTful API features, Click2Call and number masking; ensures business continuity with 99.5% uptime.
What are the key sectors that you are aiming to target with Smartflo? Can you share some examples?
Smartflo is suitable for enterprises across industries. It would appeal equally to a start-up as to any small and large enterprise that requires a multi-functional, multi-modal, economical yet technologically advanced cloud communication suite. TTBS has seen an encouraging customer interest for Smartflo solutions across industry verticals like BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Education, Fintech, Logistics and E-commerce.
Just to give you an example, we recently, deployed Smartflo solutions for Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt Ltd. which is into the voice aggregator segment. The company was running a pre-recorded voice broadcast campaign on a massive scale on behalf of one of its customers. After detailed analysis of their requirement, we provided them with Smartflo solution, which helped them achieve OBD prompts with Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency inputs with API (Application Programming Interface) integration to dip into customer records before broadcast. TTBS also provided a single portal control for numbers to ensure higher call pick-up rates for their OBDs. TTBS instantly created Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) on the portal, making it easy to create and scale up the campaigns.
To know more how Smartflo can help you in your business growth, please contact TTBS Business Manager @ 9225522841 or visit: www.tatateleservices.com
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