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SchoolBasix launches school clinics to help navigate the health problems children face as schools are set to reopen after Covid-19

ANI | Updated: Jan 12, 2021 17:48 IST

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) [India], January 12 (ANI/PRNewswire): Parents are getting increasingly skeptical about the post-Covid health status of children at schools. The need for preventive healthcare programs in schools is growing as there is no structured preventive healthcare program in most schools.
Despite measures taken by schools to maintain hygiene at schools, Covid is not over yet. The new strain of Covid spreads even faster and therefore everyone has to be a lot more vigilant especially with children as they could be more prone to infections. The probability of getting health issues among children grows exponentially due to school staff, faculty, management members, and many more people being in one place.
However, the burden of health check-ups and the high cost for treatment that corporate hospitals charge ultimately falls on parents. Moreover, parents hardly have time to run around hospitals carrying bills and health records. Along with this, most schools don't even have health care facilities.
The need for schools to have clinics arise, as increasing number of students face health issues that require immediate attention. Also, schools cannot have added costs through health investments and lack of expertise in medical fields.
To help Parents and Schools navigate this, SchoolBasix has launched an initiative - 'HealthBasix', which creates preventive healthcare programs for schools and sets up an on-campus clinic in partnership with reputed hospitals.
The inspiration behind such a preventive healthcare program comes from Christiaan Barnard, a heart transplant surgeon who said, "I have saved the lives of 150 people by heart transplants. If I had focused on preventive medicine earlier, I might have saved 150 million." With this, Anmol Vij - COO at SchoolBasix adds, "I felt there is a strong need for Preventive Healthcare among school children. The need for healthier children brought Healthbasix to life."
School Clinics launched in the name of HealthBasix by SchoolBasix ( partners with major hospitals to provide healthcare on school premises. In Coimbatore, they've partnered with Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, one of the pioneers in healthcare since 1975 in Tamil Nadu to set-up clinics in schools within a radius of 100 kms around Coimbatore.
HealthBasix designs a one-year preventive program specific to the school's requirements. HealthBasix clinics have a host of services free of cost to Students, Parents, and Staff at school, matching every requirement, need and cater to issues on school premises. Some of the major health initiatives would be
* Doctor Consultation - Specialists
* Emergency and First Aid
* Dedicated Nurse at school throughout working hours
* Lab reports
* Health insurance
* Sanitization at school
* Diagnosis and delivery
* Health records of children
In addition to this, seminars are conducted by well-known doctors in the industry and verified consultants to bring awareness to health issues children face.
Along with this, the clinic will have routine doctor visits for major and common diseases like asthma, diabetes, etc. The clinical study, prescription verification, guidance on mental health, verifying health records, investigations are done by experts of HealthBasix.
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