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RachTR Chemicals launches ProtekTR

ANI | Updated: Aug 14, 2020 18:28 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 14 (ANI/NewsVoir): RachTR Chemicals, (a Delhi-based construction chemicals startup), launches ProtekTR (RachTR VIRO SHIELD), a water borne nano-coating that keeps the surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens.
In these times of pandemic, such a unique and highly beneficial product is the need of the hour.
Once applied it forms a long-lasting, wear resistant ultra-thin layer of nanoparticles. The unique and innovative bactericidal and virucidal properties are proven to make the surfaces 99.91 per cent free from all sorts of germs/bacteria/Virus as per standard JISZ2801:2010 along with some other independent and accredited laboratories (NABL certified labs, suggested by ICMR).

It has been substantiated to remain active on surface for minimum 90 days if not damaged mechanically. It also prevents malodours due to the growth of mold, fungus and yeast and can be used on all porous and non-porous surfaces such as plastics, metals, ceramics, fabric, textiles, natural stones etc.
"COVID outbreak has shifted world's focus on preventive healthcare at a massive level. Along with a healthier lifestyle, hygiene and cleanliness has emerged as an essential aspect of living. This crisis has also brought forth our limitations and vulnerabilities towards infectious pathogens including viruses, bacteria etc. Disinfectants and sanitizers have become a part of our daily life. But the current disinfectants provide only temporary solutions against such invisible pathogens, resulting in a contrasting performance, increased maintenance costs and operational hiccups," said Ramkant Pandey, Co-founder, RachTR Chemicals.
"Today's consumers are looking forward to smart health protection systems. To solve this problem, RachTR Chemicals, (a Delhi-based construction chemicals startup) has launched ProtekTR (RachTR VIRO SHIELD), a water borne nano-coating that keeps the surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens," he added further.
ProtekTR (RachTR Viro-Shield) Antimicrobial coating immobilizes the pathogens on the surface. The Polycationic nano particles in the coating rupture the RNA of pathogens and deactivate them. The pathogens which have been deactivated get self-cleaned because of the action of the coating. ProtekTR continues to deactivate additional pathogens that accumulate through further contact.
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