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Kailash Rajurohit author of the best seller novel
Kailash Rajurohit author of the best seller novel "My 2nd Girlfriend"

"My 2nd Girlfriend" a Novel by Kailash Rajpurohit takes readers on an emotional roller coaster ride

ANI | Updated: Apr 12, 2021 11:29 IST

New Delhi [India], April 12 (ANI/SRV Media): A Bona fide native of Rajasthan, particularly of Bikaner, Kailash Rajpurohit, textures his debut Semi-fictional book, 'My 2nd Girlfriend' which released on 14th February 2021 and is now available on Amazon.
This classic novel is a magical blend of semi-fiction and a splendid depiction of the journey of love. The Semi-fictional story seems to appear as the knitting of a design in cloth. The moment you start knitting the cloth of love, a welcoming design gets formed at the backside of it, but gradually time passes, and as we grow mature enough to see the reverse part of it, truly a beautiful design of love with its fascinating colourful beauty unfolds its wings in front of us.
Hailing from Rajasthan, The Bikaner boy, Kailash Rajpurohit, released his debut Bildungsroman, "My 2nd Girlfriend". Kailash Rajpurohit, being a government contractor by profession and an extremely renowned speaker of various international and national events, had the opportunity to travel to various places which made him meet new people from multifarious walks of life.

His present literary work, a fiction in form reflects his profundity of thought, power of imagination, and heartfelt depiction of real-life issues. He wants to uphold the divine feeling of love and appeal to all of his readers that, if in any ambience, they get to see an innocent love sprinkled with sweet fights that had taken its birth in the cradle of two lovers, they should let them complete their circuit.
A state-level lawn tennis player and gold medallist in roller skating, Kailash Rajpurohit, has started to taste a different shade of life and is trying to pen down all his emotions blended with experiences he met in the course of his life.
A dramatist and an actor past his school days, the author scoops out the struggles that a boy continually battles with, in order to have a successful love life along with a successful career. "Inspired by a famous storyteller, Nilesh Mishra,
"I have grown up listening to various tales and stories from my mother. I wanted to blurb out a simplified reflection of the complex life issues. Relationships matter to me the most, and it is of course, not important to always be happy, but it is always important to maintain the relationship, value the person in front of you and grow simultaneously with your loved one. Even at this time of the pandemic, if something pinches you or makes your day a sad one, it is indeed your relationship. The pandemic scares you the most because you have the fear of losing your loved ones. Everyone with a smiling face is fighting a personal war, not for a social issue, not for a political issue, but a simple life issue," said Kailash Rajpurohit, the author of the book, My 2nd Girlfriend.
Kailash Rajpurohit's "My 2nd Girlfriend" is the journey of love with pure innocence and turning every subtle moment of happiness into a memory. Opening a new chapter of life through unlocking fiction and holding our tiny hearts to be protected from tearing apart rightly matches with the famous quote 'love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world, love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.The story starts with a young boy, Kailash, the male protagonist from Bikaner who sets out to stabilize his family, in which he finds his first love, Riya, an IT professional from Kanpur, a failed love marriage broke Kailash and then he met his 2nd Girlfriend Jyotshana.
Now the climax is whether Kailash could get through his lost love-- the final gateway to propose his love with uniqueness. Let's see whether Kailash genuinely will again find the key to happiness or not? Could Jyotsna become his true partner or not? Will Kailash have to undergo a dark phase of life? Whether Jyotsna will be able to unlock his heart of euphoria? Or Kailash had to live in a really dreary desert? So, hold your hearts, fasten your nerves and get ready to steer up through the heavenly garden of love.
The wonderful novel is published by BFC publications, Kailash Rajpurohit's 'My 2nd Girlfriend' is now available on Amazon. The Semi-fictional tale was released on Valentine's Day especially to emphasize the supremacy of love. This book is the epitome of a classic love story and readers made this book bestseller rank 1st on the first week of launch its thrilling fictional tale by Kailash Rajpurohit.
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