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Jugnoo launches 'Dodo Deliveries' in Gurgaon

| Updated: Jul 21, 2016 17:18 IST

New Delhi, July 21 (ANI): Scaling its B2B logistics unit, Dodo Deliveries, Jugnoo forays into Gurgaon with a well-established network of auto-rickshaw fleet for natural progression. Dodo Deliveries, an on-demand, hyper-local service, is creating a marketplace which is enabling vendors to deliver products to their customers when, where and how they want to while ensuring a seamless delivery experience. This is a dual concept that only adds to the myriad of services offered by Jugnoo, but also aids the local merchants and vendors to scale their businesses. "Gurgaon being a rapidly flourishing market and a corporate hub, offers a lot of potential for businesses in the B2B logistics segment. Considering the growing demand in the segment, we intend to fully utilize the existing auto-supply in the region with this launch. Even though there is a lot of existing competition in the city, we are confident that Dodo can create a niche for itself and provide great value proposition for businesses," said Head of Dodo Deliveries, Zorawer Singh. "We are not limiting our services to the food space and are serving a host of other vendors like hardware shops, grocery stores, pharmaceutical distributors, retail outlets, chemists, and even florists," added Zorawer Singh. Businesses can start using Dodo's services by downloading the Dodo Deliveries App (available on Android and iOS) and registering themselves. Dodo has added two-wheelers and commercial vehicles to their fleet in Gurgaon, making it an omni-channel service through which vendors can customize their delivery experience. Jugnoo's strong network of auto-rickshaws in Gurgaon currently does 5000 transactions a day in the region and therefore launching Dodo in the city is certainly a lucrative move. Currently operational in Chandigarh-Tricity and Gurgaon, the services will soon be operational in Noida, Indore, and Surat as well. (ANI)