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Tesla CEO Elon Musk (File Image)
Tesla CEO Elon Musk (File Image)

Is having fewer kids good for environment? Elon Musk terms it 'total nonsense'

ANI | Updated: May 23, 2022 15:25 IST

Washington [US], May 23 (ANI): Is having fewer kids good for the environment? Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the world's richest man, terms this as "total nonsense".
Musk argues that having kids is important to save the civilisation and the environment would be fine even if the number of humans on the planet is doubled.
"Some people think that having fewer kids is better for the environment. It's total nonsense. The environment is going to be fine even if we doubled the number of humans," Musk said while addressing All-In Summit virtually.

Giving an example of Japan, Musk said the dwindling birth rate in the East Asian country has posed a challenge to the civilisation. Japan has negative population growth. Japan's population declined by 600,000 last year.
Musk said Japan could cease to exist because of its dwindling birth rate.
He recounted how some modern-day parents argue against having kids.
"I have heard many times. 'How can I bring a child into this terrible world? I'm like 'have you read history? Because let me tell you, it was way worse back then," Musk, father of seven, said. (ANI)