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Ingredients of an impactful video content strategy

| Updated: May 29, 2017 10:33 IST

New Delhi [India], May 29 (ANI): Video content marketing is the integration of video as a part of content strategy that goes along with other forms like social text posts, banners, posters, photos, blogs, websites, etc. Statistics show that video content accounts for more than 80 percent of all web traffic, also,four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. Video format not only requires quality content, but also a proper planning of information dissemination. Content planning is as important as content marketing is. Pankaj Rahul Singh, co- founder at TSD Corp listed some essential steps to create an impactful video content strategy have to be built around the following: 1. Goals and objective - Setting goals and objectives help give direction to the whole content. Be it written, oral or visual, content is meaningless if it is directed to an unstructured format. What a brand is trying to accomplish through presenting such video content, is the primary question to begin with. If the content is formed to create brand awareness or to induce work force or to acquire audience's attention to its products and services; a systematic goal and objective planning is a must. Not just with the planning, but setting goals and objectives also help a brand measure their performance in contrast with the goals set. For example what is the basis of your decision on the video being a success or a failure? Is it the number of likes or shares or views or something else entirely? 2. Know your audience - One of the major objectives of creating content is to engage the audience by delivering the content that actually matters to them and drives the whole mission forward. The content will have maximum effect only if it fits your audiences' preference or else, it'll be a complete waste of money, time and resources. The best way is to take the path of creativity in alignment with the diverse ways to reach the target audience and their needs. 3. Structure your video execution - The video must communicate your mission, around which the whole marketing strategy is built. At times, the video contains the best of elements including impeccable screenplay, cinematography, etc. but fails to create a 'call to action'. Every video after concluding leaves an impression in the viewer's mind and this effect should initiate a call to action which sums up the whole purpose of the content creation. 4. Engage community through different media- Engaging the community is one of the primary motives of video content creation. Your target audience is offered too much content in 24 hours of a day, which emphasizes on the necessity to stand out and deliver what the audience seeks while keeping your marketing goals aligned. Since video content already has the audience's attention as a platform for brand's communication, delivering the right content that creates interest in the minds of the consumer will be most engaging to the audience. Different video formats have been used in different platforms for better traction. For example, the video content on video streaming websites that run for hours is different than the platforms whose video duration is restricted to six seconds or 15 seconds, then there are 2d videos, 3d ones, whiteboard animation, 360 degree etc. Creating interesting content within the right time frame and in sync with the target audience's choice will have maximum and most relevant impact. 5. Consistency- If a brand envisions to create an active media engagement for a long period of time, then they must formula tea strategy that targets to create rich content and consistently. It is of utmost importance for brands to maintain and regulate the content elements as well as adapt consistency in producing and presenting the videos for a better and extensive outreach. Consistency helps in keeping the audience's interest intact and creates anticipation. Viewers wait for the brand's next project leading to a healthy engagement build up created by certainty and delivery. (ANI)