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India's top NEET educators collaborate to launch special mock test papers.
India's top NEET educators collaborate to launch special mock test papers.

India's top NEET educators collaborate to launch special mock test papers (printed) with official OMR sheets for July 2022 aspirants and droppers

ANI | Updated: May 18, 2022 13:46 IST

New Delhi [India], May 18 (ANI/Mediawire): This is exciting news for all the NEET UG 2022 aspirants. For the first time, India's 4 top NEET educators (who have combined helped train NEET toppers in the past 5 years to cross 650+ marks) have decided to take out a special 2-part printed NEET mock test papers (20 mock papers) on exact design, pattern and difficulty level.
"NEET-UG aspirants are urging NTA to postpone NEET 2022 for better preparation. There is genuine pressure of CUET, Boards, JEE/NEET and parents' expectation on students. Droppers (especially those who missed cut-off in counselling by a few marks) are left with less time to prepare now. Thousands of students message me to complain about no genuine mock papers book or content available in the market on exact difficulty level, format of exam and paper pattern. Their pressure is palpable to me. There was no clarity on what the difficulty level difference was in Section A and Section B. I know how the paper will be set and that's what I teach thousands of students who crack NEET every year. So, I decided to bring multiple subject NEET experts together (including Educart) to print this special series for students to give them the best practice and real feel of the exam. We wanted to make sure that students are able to increase their marks by 30 per cent in these last few weeks time by practising from this special Abhyaas series. This is a gift for all NEET aspirants," told by Pranav Pundarik (NEET Biology expert and Unacademy top educator in NEET UG) in his message on Telegram.
Already their collaborative launch of these printed mock papers is ranking #1 in the NEET category on Amazon since their announcement 1 day ago.

Below are some insightful technical points about NEET 2022 that we have learnt from their press release:
- NEET July 2022 paper will be lengthy. Students always lose out on unattempted MCQs. They have to practice Time management of 180 questions in just 200 minutes. Even calculations and tricky questions have to be solved in less than a minute.
- Mock papers are an absolute necessity to identify where students stand and how much can be scored in 200 minutes. There is also a per subject time management strategy given inside these mock paper series to help structure their pace of attempt.
- Candidates will have internal choices (of 5 MCQ in each subject of Section B). The choices are introduced for the first time since the pattern changed last, since most school boards reduced their syllabi for the current academic year. But many students don't know that the difficulty level will remain the same in both sections.

- Pranav Pundarik and Garima Goel are Biology gurus with more than 2 lakh students mentored in the last 5 years. Similarly, Ravi Prakash is a Chemistry expert with more than 3 books already published. Overall, they have helped clear NEET of more than 90,000 students so far.
- Along with Educart as the reputed publisher in NEET and CUET category, they have printed loose booklets style mock papers with official OMR sheets to help simulate the real exam and give exact pattern practice.
- All type of MCQs from diagram based, labelling based, Match the following type, tricky conceptual MCQs, table based MCQs are included as per exact expected NEET paper. Something no book in the market is providing with exact difficulty level and pattern so far!!
- Quality of these mock papers is mind blowing and closest to the official paper due to involvement of experts in their respective subjects. This will have a real major impact on your NEET score once you practice religiously from these bunch of mock paper booklets.
- OMR sheets with each mock paper are also given to test & learn how to attempt the paper correctly.
Link to the NEET UG Mock Paper Series for July 2022 paper, in case students missed out so far.
What we found very useful is that doubt-solving sessions are also given for students who get these mock papers series, for free via Telegram. However, having the exams in the same month will add pressure. Such mock tests in collaboration with Educart will surely help focus on their marks score with final practice from the right material.
Along with CUET and board exams, NEET 2022 is an extra added psychological and mental pressure for students. The good thing is both CUET and NEET are conducted on full syllabus (except that CUET will cover only Class 12) so the students don't have to study separately for them. The verdict on postponement of NEET 2022 paper further from July 17th 2022 is still awaited.
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