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ICSE, ISC Boards: Exam dates to be out soon; 5 tips to score maximum

ANI | Updated: Feb 02, 2021 12:53 IST

New Delhi [India], February 2 (ANI/Mediawire): After CBSE and other leading boards announced dates for Board Exams 2021, students of CISCE Board have been early waiting for their exam dates. As per reports, CISCE is all set to announce the dates in a week's time.
With these reports coming and with just a few months left to the Board Exams, students' mounting tension is evident. On top it, with the multiple changes in the syllabus; earlier in 2020, the confusion has multiplied. Having said that, with the right strategies, ICSE and ISC help books and techniques, these last few months are enough to ace ICSE and ISC Board Exams with a 90 per cent or above result. Here are the tips and books that will come in handy for you.
1) Divide the Syllabus according to convenience
While preparing a schedule for the exams, you may do the following:
* Categorize the syllabus into small parts.
* Preferably, put those chapters and topics that are easier into one category.
Consider these to be the mini-goals that you have to complete.
It would be great, if you start with the easier chapters to gain some confidence and then gain the momentum to tackle the tougher ones.
At this stage, also make sure you have gathered all the required study material at one place. Apart from your textbooks, refer to some good help books for practice of diverse range of questions.

Oswaal ICSE | ISC Question Banks for Class 10 and 12 are always updated to the latest CISCE syllabus. Even this year also, these books are updated according to the CISCE syllabus which was reduced TWICE for 2021 Board Exams. With Oswaal ICSE and ISC Question Banks, you can decode the exam pattern with Previous Years' Board Question, learn to write perfect answers with Toppers' Answer Sheet, get a hang of Commonly Made Errors and learn some Answering Tips with these books.
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2) Daily Routine
Having a pre-defined routine will help you balance time well and not get distracted by other tasks. Make a schedule in which you allocate ample time to your study sessions along with some time for recreation. You can make a small chart, a to-do list and create small milestones for the day. As you keep completing the milestones, you will feel like doing more and will stay motivated.

3) Using the Preparation Material
There are various ICSE and ISC help books that are available to guide the students through different concepts for deeper understanding. The main focus of CISCE Board is on analytical skills and conceptual understanding. You can only master this when you get the real concept right and not with just rote learning. So, solve a few good ICSE | ISC Question Banks and Sample Papers for Class 10 and 12 like the ones from Oswaal Books. In addition to concept clarity, these books will also help you a lot with last minute revision. These Chapter-wise & Topic-wise Question Banks also include quick Revision Notes & Mind Maps.

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4) Revision Strategy - Previous Years' Papers
The most important step that most of the students skip is referring to the Previous Year's Question Papers. Going through these papers will give you insights into the important chapters and their weightage in the exam. The ICSE and ISC Sample Papers are often designed as per the latest paper pattern Typologies of Questions based on the latest board specimen papers and thus, they will give you an insight into how your questions will be framed. With the help of these Sample Papers, you will also learn how to channel the information and present it properly on paper.
Oswaal ICSE & ISC Sample Question Papers for Class 10 and 12 include a mix of Solved & Self-Assessment Papers. These Sample Papers include all the Latest Typologies of Questions suggested by the CISCE Board with Board Marking scheme including Examiner Comments and few suggestions for Students to score more in exams.
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5) One hour - Revision
After you are done with whatever you've planned for a day, revise everything you have read previously for at least one hour the next day. The revision will keep the concepts fresh in your mind. For this, you may take support of Oswaal Mindmaps.
We all know exams can be really stressful, but you will definitely be more relaxed and composed to handle the situation if you are well prepared. Plan and Prepare well for these last few months and success will be yours.
With the right guidance book, strategies, and techniques, you will come out with flying colours! Oswaal Books is known for publishing the most updated and highly exam-oriented content for examination success.
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