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ICSE & ISC Boards 2021: Uncertainty over exam dates continues | 5 tips to score high from here

ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2021 17:31 IST

New Delhi [India], January 8 (ANI/Mediawire): The quest for excellent marks in ICSE and ISC Board Exams does not end at completing the syllabus or acquiring the most efficient study material.
Students should know how to make the best use of ICSE and ISC Sample Papers and other resources, only then they will be able to score well in the final exams. However, students often fail to realise how helpful a Sample Paper or Question Bank can be. For instance, it helps you understand the paper pattern, practice questions of all typologies and of varying difficulty levels and master the perfect way of answering questions.
In this article, we have underlined how you can make the best use of ICSE and ISC Sample Papers for the upcoming 2021 Board Examinations. So, let's get to the core:
1. One Sample Paper Every Day: Paper Pattern
Students tend to delay solving Sample Papers and leaving the same for the last days of preparation. This should not be the case. You need to start solving Sample Papers at least 4 months before your final examinations. The right way is to solve at least one paper every day. In this way, you will have enough time to deduce even the most complex questions and comprehend the Questions of all typologies followed in the Board Exams.

Oswaal ICSE and ISC Sample Question Papers for Classes 9 to 12 are strictly based on the CISCE syllabus which was reduced for the second time for 2021 exams. They include all the latest Typologies of Questions specified by the Board.
Solving these Sample Papers every day will help you identify the Paper Pattern and different Typologies of Questions emphasized by the CISCE Board, spot common errors beforehand, and avoid making such errors in the final exams.
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2. Focus on Self-Assessment: Identifying your mistakes and rectifying them
Solve ICSE & ISC Sample Papers as if you are appearing for a Pre-Board Exam, such that once completed you can check, observe, identify, and rectify your mistakes. After you have solved a Sample Paper, devote some time on going through your answers, and spotting the errors that you have made. Post that, you need to carefully observe the recurring errors and try to rectify them. After spotting the recurring errors, if you feel like that you need more conceptual clarity then go through your books again. You may also choose to refer to a few good help books like Oswaal ICSE and ISC Question Banks

Oswaal ICSE & ISC Question Banks are thoroughly updated for 2021 exams and are neatly segregated Chapter-wise & Topic-wise. They also include a variety of previous years' most likely questions with all latest CISCE Suggested Typologies for extensive practice and for a better concept clarity. These Question banks also include Toppers' Answer Sheets, Answering Tips, Marking Scheme, Mind Maps and On Tips Notes

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3. Spot the recurring question pattern: Important Questions
This point elucidates one of the most important benefits of solving ICSE and ISC Sample Papers; spotting the important and recurring questions. While solving a Sample Paper, be mindful of the questions which have been asked repeatedly over the years. These are the questions that are the most important and can be asked again in the upcoming Board Exams. After spotting such questions, solve them a few times before the exam and then observe your answers. You should review the answers and identify mistakes and rectify so that these mistakes should not be repeated again.
4. Develop the perfect answering skill
Every student has a different approach or way of answering the questions. However, there is a certain way of writing or presenting your understanding of a particular concept which can help you to score high. Each student needs to develop this perfect answering skill to obtain good marks. How? By observing the Topper's Previous Year Answer Sheets. Topper's answers will help you understand why an answer should be written in a specific way and how it should be written.
Oswaal ICSE and ISC Sample Papers include Answering Tips and Examiner's Comments for clearer thinking and betterment of question-answering skills. These Sample Paper focuses on enhancing the student's answering presentation and maximizing accuracy for exam success.
5. Don't just cram, understand and enjoy
Cramming of answers is one of the most common problem found in students. Why a problem? Because by cramming answers you may get to score well but you won't be able to understand the core of any concept. It means that cramming can only add on to temporary knowledge and fail to provide proper education. So, you should not focus on cramming but understanding each concept and enjoying the process of preparation.
As a student, you need to understand the Paper Pattern, spot Repeated Questions, Self-assess your preparation, and familiarise yourself with every concept to score well.
Oswaal Books for ICSE and ISC Board are designed to help the students do an extensive practice before the Board Exams and get familiar with the type of questions that could be asked. Being designed by professionals and subject matter experts they are quite popular amongst students.
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