Moj has launched #MyFreedomMatters campaign with  Hina Khan to celebrate India's 75th Independence Day
Moj has launched #MyFreedomMatters campaign with Hina Khan to celebrate India's 75th Independence Day

Hina Khan celebrates Independence day with India's number one short video app, MOJ

ANI | Updated: Aug 18, 2021 09:34 IST

New Delhi [India], August 18 (ANI/Mediawire): Hina Khan recently joined MOJ and took the internet by storm. She made the announcement on her social media asking her fans to follow her on MOJ for her exclusive short video content.
Moj, India's number one short video app, has launched the #MyFreedomMatters campaign with Hina Khan to celebrate India's 75th Independence Day. The campaign stresses the celebration of freedom of expression in today's world, shaping a democratic foundation for the younger generation to share opinions, lead their lives as per their choices without fear of being judged.
Hina Khan is seen enjoying the freedom to live different facets of her life in the video she shared on the MOJ app. Watch the video here.
Follow Hina Khan on MOJ.
Fans showed their excitement on Twitter as #HinaKhanOnMOJ trended at number 1 just after she posted her first MOJ video.

On joining Moj, actress Hina Khan said, "Independence Day is all about celebrating freedom, and I am thankful to be able to enjoy the freedom of living my life as per my choices. I have always believed in expressing my true self and therefore, I feel a stronger connection with the intent behind #MyFreedomMatters. Moj is sharing a very beautiful message through this campaign and I would request everyone to join Moj, connect with me and be a part of this campaign".
Speaking on the campaign Shashank Shekhar, Director, Content Strategy and Operations, Moj said, "It is heartening to see Moj creators express their patriotism and celebrate freedom through our platform, with popular star Hina Khan leading this campaign. #MyFreedomMatters is designed for every individual and encourages our community to celebrate each other's differences and accept each other without judgment.
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With the highest monthly active user base of 160 million, Moj is today India's #1 short video app. We take pride in providing our talented community of artists a platform to express their creativity and inspire millions of people. Available on both iOS and Android, click here to download Moj on your smartphone.
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