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Great Place to Work(r)

Great Place to Work® India is proud to launch India's first and the largest study to identify 'India's Best Workplaces in Health and Wellness' in partnership with MediBuddy

ANI | Updated: Feb 18, 2020 17:02 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 18 (ANI/PRNewswire): In India, organizations are under immense pressure to thrive in constantly changing internal environment and rapidly evolving market situations.
Thus, it is no surprise that workplace wellness is increasingly being featured as part of strategic initiatives in the corporate agenda. Hence, there is a growing need to study and improve wellness at workplaces
Lifestyle diseases have made their way into the workplace. Productivity in corporates also takes a hit because of the poor lifestyle choices of employees. Indians spend more than 53 hours a week at work and that's not the only worrying statistics. 33 per cent of Indians, over the age of 30 are suffering from one or more lifestyle diseases.
One in five young adults in India has hypertension. Diabetes prevalence in India has increased by 64 per cent over the last 25 years. Indian adults living with obesity is set to jump to around 5 per cent by 2025 from 3.7 per cent in 2014.
Although there are some existing global frameworks, most of which just provide a conceptual view of workplace wellness. Lack of a structured, research-based framework that can positively impact employee wellbeing and productivity, is a challenge faced by organizations today.
Furthermore, the availability of benchmarks, to ensure the most comprehensive and valid comparisons in the domain of workplace wellness, continues to remain a struggle. These collectively make workplace wellness a widely spoken off, but an occasionally addressed problem.
To create awareness on the same, Great Place to Work® India and MediBuddy have launched India's first and the largest study to identify 'India's Best Workplaces in Health and Wellness' with Shaheen Bhatt, Author of 'I have never been (Un) happier'.
Over the past 30 years, Great Place to Work® has helped organizations build and sustain a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™. Every year, its research reveals the key trends impacting employee experience at the workplace and helps the people function leaders, devise a winning people strategy.
Their study on the best workplaces in India, over the last 12 years has identified that organisations that are able to provide a psychologically and emotionally healthy work environment to its employees, record significantly higher brand advocacy, retention rate, discretionary effort and employee motivation, as compared to other organizations.
Great Place to Work® has an unparalleled eco-system to study health and wellness at workplaces that can service organisations with insights to combat side effects of workplace stress faced by employees.
"When individuals are not able to cope, they are prone to anxiety and depression. The cost is too high, both in economic terms, and in human terms. We understand the external world, but not how to cope with it. How can we manage our mind, body and intellect to maximise our potential in the midst of this rapid change? Wellness is the ability to do this," said Prasenjit Bhattacharya, CEO, the Great Place to Work® Institute.

"By far, wellness is the number one challenge for people working in our organisations. We all have the collective responsibility of helping people deal with the challenge which is, in a large measure, created by us. 'India's Best Workplaces in Health and Wellness' is one attempt in this direction. MediBuddy is a pioneer in this endeavour. We hope, all organizations and other stakeholders join in creating a movement to make India a healthy place to work. I would like to congratulate and thank the passionate team which is behind this initiative," added Bhattacharya.
MediBuddy is the enterprise world's platform of choice, for cashless digital healthcare. The online healthcare platform has relentlessly worked to entail the focus on employee health and wellness as the key to overall well-being and growth. In their endeavour, over 1.7 million users who use the MediBuddy app have received top-notch healthcare services.
MediBuddy has partnered with 500 plus leading organizations across sectors - IT/ITeS, BFSI, Manufacturing, Telecoms, and many others - pan India. The team has successfully performed over one million preventive health screenings across 700 plus cities nationally.
"Our association and involvement in coming up with India's Best Workplaces in Health And Wellness is part of our constant endeavour to keep the focus on health as the key to well being and growth - be it an individual or a corporate entity. What motivates us is the direct impact that we create in making the lives we touch, healthier and happier," said Prashant Jhaveri, CEO, MediBuddy, while commenting on the partnership.
Objectives of the study:
* To lead the change of bringing 'Employee Wellbeing' at the centre stage of building a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture. To identify and recognize the best organizations in the country as 'India's Best Workplaces in Health and Wellness'
* To provide a Workplace Wellness Index™ that serves as the benchmark for India Inc to get actionable inputs for both leaders and organizations to create an effective wellness program that fosters a healthy and high-performance workplace culture.
* To provide a Health Quotient™ as an objective way to determine how a corporate measures among its industry peers in terms of addressing the health, healthcare needs of its employees based on deep experience and big data sets MediBuddy has evolved.
* To create an ecosystem that can be leveraged by organizations to learn and share from each other
How can you undertake this study?
To participate in "India's Best Workplaces in Health and Wellness",
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