Dr Mohammed Khan
Dr Mohammed Khan

Dr. Mohammed Khan launches initiative 'TAKEOFF - A Public - Spirited Motive' to uphold Calicut airport

ANI | Updated: Aug 17, 2020 15:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 17 (ANI/NewsVoir): A bestower and supporter of the society Dr Mohammed Khan and his organization Khans Media City is determined to extend their help to bring back the glory and fame of the city, Calicut.
One of their major initiatives TAKEOFF- A Public Spirited Motive has been started for the sustenance of the Calicut International Airport, Kerala. Dr Khan and his organization Khans Media City has made it a point following the recent mishap where flight overshot from the runway owing to torrential raining.
The initiative was put together to stop any misleading information and debates pertaining to the insecurity of the 'Table Top' airport. He prioritizes to put an end to such rumors because it will lead to a negative interpretation about the concerned airport among public, airline companies and authorities.

He has also organized a campaign with the catchphrase "Big Salute" in order to express gratitude to all philanthropists who came forward with a helping hand. Dr Khan has made it his duty to aid mankind in association with the Government of Kerala.
Dr Khan, is born and brought up in Peruvallur (a village near the airport). Being a frequent passenger in Dubai - Calicut sector, he is attached to the roots of his hometown and thus wants to preserve the beauty and honor of Calicut airport. He is doing his best to maintain the city's bequest by using his powerful connections with the Airport, Aviation Authorities and Airline Companies.
"The Development of Malabar region is and has been solely depending on Calicut Airport. Its survival, and preservation is of paramount importance to the people of the region. It should not be questioned," Dr Mohammed Khan says.
He further focused on how the airport is a boon to Kerala, as the state experiences seasonal flooding in recent years. During such times authorities are forced to shut down operations at other airports in Kerala, while Kozhikode Calicut International Airport is open due to it's 'Table Top' advantage. All wide body aircraft can land at the airstrip including Jumbo Jet and Dreamliner.
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