The Last Supper – One of Bharat Dalal’s iconic works
The Last Supper – One of Bharat Dalal’s iconic works

Dalal Family unveils amazing works of Bharat Dalal

ANI | Updated: Apr 02, 2019 08:51 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] April 2 (ANI/NewsVoir): The Dalals, a reputed business family from Mumbai, announced the discovery of six spectacular oil on canvas paintings; Metamorphosis – works of prolific modern artist Bharat Dalal. The family takes immense pride, and with a touch of nostalgia unveils this visionary, eclectic and bespoke collection.
Martin Kemp, a leading global expert on the art of Leonardo da Vinci, has deemed Bharat’s work to be “original and striking”. In continuation of a legacy of an outstanding artist, the family plans to unveil these masterpieces to a global audience of art aficionados in Los Angeles, USA, in 2019.
“Bharat had a technical bent of mind, rare for an artist, combined with his talent and philosophical outlook lent a compelling edge to his genius. We feel both privileged and honoured to be able to showcase his rare artworks and take his legacy forward so that art lovers all over the world can witness for themselves, his unique perceptions on canvas”, said Bharat’s brother, Nikhil Dalal, a partner at Golani and Co.
Bharat’s journey as an artist began in his formative years and he was very proud of his Indian heritage. As a young boy, he experimented with a spectrum of local materials to create innovative and perceptive pieces. An artist with an undying passion, Bharat was intrinsically a multidisciplinary artist; with each passing year as his passion for art grew he kept evolving; creating paintings, crafting sculptures, exploring philosophy, composing music and writing literature.
His hidden talent was transformed into contemplative art forms, as reminders of moving personal experiences and distinctive moments in his life. Bharat felt an inexplicable connection with the works and life of Leonardo da Vinci; he frequently referred to himself as the ‘renaissance man’. He created six exquisite works of art inspired by the legendary artist, albeit adapting them to his own creativity and personality.
Metamorphosis is Bharat’s last collection of six insightful artworks that have been until recently, hidden from the art world, and have generated a sense of mystery mixed with anticipation. Named pertinently, Metamorphosis – the collection, captures the journey that a soul undertakes to reach its goal. Each painting was masterfully perfected over a period of a year; and painstakingly complemented, with a corresponding handwritten book.
The entire collection was accomplished over a period of 5 years. An arduous but fulfilling project, at last, was complete! Bharat chose Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings as a vehicle to create his representation of the journey of each soul while encapsulating its slow purifying inner transformations until there is nothing left except to be one with the final truth.
The time and effort that Bharat put into each work- amalgamating the genius of Leonardo da Vinci with his soulful consciousness, produced works like - The Cavern (The attitude. The purpose of relativity), The portrait of Genevra De Benci (The last woman. Expression for relativity), The Cavallo (Why was I lazy? Lost in Relativity), The Last Supper (That Supper. The Creator Perspective), The Battle of Anghiyari (The Battle for Equanimity. The Individual Perspective) and The Loggia (The Last Vision. The Relative Perspective). Each painting is astoundingly large, ranging from 6 feet tall to over 15 feet wide.
Bharat never believed in selling his creations commercially. Though he doesn’t live on, his final collection is a living legacy that flows eternally, circumventing all obstacles.
The Dalal family celebrates the heritage of this extraordinary artist, by way of unveiling in Los Angeles, California, thereafter, taking Bharat’s work across globally acclaimed museums for all art lovers to bask in his creations. Finally, the time for his masterpieces to be seen by the world has come. The “metamorphosis” is complete.
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