Permagard's Antimicrobial Shield in action in a car, it kills 99.99% viruses instantly and is effective up to 12 months. Usable in cars, offices and homes
Permagard's Antimicrobial Shield in action in a car, it kills 99.99% viruses instantly and is effective up to 12 months. Usable in cars, offices and homes

COVID-19 Fight - Permagard brings Antimicrobial Shield to India's rescue, disinfects Gujarat Government & Police officials cars

ANI | Updated: May 04, 2020 21:07 IST

Gujarat [India], May 4 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Permagard, an International Paint Protection and car care brand which launched in India last year, has started a car disinfecting drive across Gujarat as part of its contribution to help India fight the COVID-19.
Permagard India, over the last few weeks, has been carrying out a statewide disinfecting drive in Gujarat to sanitize cars of Government of Gujarat, Police Officials and other fleets of vehicles to do their part to fight this pandemic and protect the ones who are protecting us all.
Hon'ble Chief Ministers car and convoy, vehicles of Anti-Corruption Bureau, Police Commissioner, IG, and vehicles of Surat Municipal Commissioner and his team were among the fleet of vehicles that have been treated and protected by the Permagard team.
Permagard India, headquartered at Ahmedabad, has a unique product called - Antimicrobial Shield, a surface protection shield. Proven to be effective against SARS and other bead-based viruses for up to 12 months, it guards surfaces against harmful viruses by hindering the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, pathogens, yeast, mold, and mildew.
The Antimicrobial Shield polymerizes (bonds) with the surface where it is used, resulting in a strong, durable, invisible, and effective barrier to germs, even after cleaning it. It is a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic solution that utilizes the most advanced germ-killing technology, which is so effective that it kills almost 99.99% of germs and bacteria instantly.
By assassinating the viruses at a microscopic level rather than using harsh alcohol or by poison, it allows it to be used in confined environments such as cars, kitchen, office or living rooms. It is certified by ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety), and ISO9001 (Quality).
"This disinfecting drive for the Government of Gujarat and Police officials is part of Permagard's commitment towards the safety of the most important people in the system, valiant warriors and the real heroes of our society. Senior political leaders, government officials are working tirelessly, round the clock to plan and implement policies for the safety of all; the police authority is continuously out on the streets trying to protect each one of us from the deadly COVID-19, without complaining," said Director, Permagard India while speaking on the initiative.
"The Antimicrobial Shield impedes breeding or accumulation of viruses on vehicles, guaranteeing most extreme hygiene, cleanliness, and protection against the quickly spreading virus. Since they are at the forefront of this war with COVID-19, it is they who need Permagard's Antimicrobial Shield for their vehicles the most and we are determined to do our part to protect our warriors from this pandemic," added Director, Permagard India.
In a note received from the office of the Hon'ble CM of Gujarat, said: "The Govt. of Gujarat wholeheartedly acknowledges and appreciates the selfless contribution and efforts of Permagard India in providing Anti-Microbial Shield dis-infecting in Chief Minister's car and convoy, Director General of Police vehicle, other cars of senior members of the Government and thereby ensuring the safety of those serving the people of Gujarat during the current COVID-19 crisis. We are happy with the disinfecting/sanitization process and now can work with greater enthusiasm, safety, and security, knowing that the product lasts for 12 months."

"We are thankful to Permagard India for launching this service & protecting us against the highly contagious coronavirus. The team worked selflessly and enthusiastically in disinfecting our fleet of cars even in these dangerous circumstances. A major element of containing the coronavirus contagion is inhibiting surface to surface transmission, and Permagard's Antimicrobial Shield technology is a big step towards this goal," said D P Chudasama, Assistant Director, Anti-Corruption Bureau, G.S., Ahmedabad.
Permagard is a 22-year-old international brand that is present in 23 countries. Permagard has set industry benchmarks across multiple parameters, over the years. With a focus on delivering Permanent, Performance, Protection for Aviation, Marine and Automotive industries, it is in the process of making a mark in the Indian market as well.
As part of its commitment to serve and support the Government Officials and Police Authority around where it is based, Permagard India plans to disinfect cars and offices across the state of Gujarat, in the coming weeks.
The company is also spreading awareness messages online via its social media platforms.
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