Eccotarian Aura is a consumer-driven initiative that aims to create a community that follows, lives, and supports an Ecotarian way of life.
Eccotarian Aura is a consumer-driven initiative that aims to create a community that follows, lives, and supports an Ecotarian way of life.

Climate change & ways to reduce carbon footprint by adopting 'Eccotarian' lifestyle!

ANI | Updated: Sep 11, 2021 10:46 IST

New Delhi [India], September 11 (ANI/ATK): Climate change has been affecting millions of people throughout the world.
As we study more about climate change, there has already been coral reef bleaching, new lows in Arctic sea ice volume, a rise in the number of natural disasters globally (such as wildfires, droughts, and floods), and mass movement of species.
Human activity is causing the current rapid warming of the Earth's temperature, known as climate change. It poses an unparalleled threat to human civilization and the planet's ecosystems if left unchecked.
Climate change is a fact, and it is occurring at a rate that is quicker than we would like or can handle. The need of the hour is for everyone to work together to take prompt corrective action. To make a difference, everyone must take responsibility and act. Every individual must examine their environmental impact and determine how they may reduce their carbon footprint.
What exactly is a carbon footprint?
The volume of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to an individual's, organization's, or community's activity is a carbon footprint.
As responsible citizens, we can help reduce the carbon footprint with regular activities by switching to an eco-friendly or sustainable lifestyle. Going green in your daily life is a terrific way to save energy and contribute to the fight against global warming. There are diverse ways to live a green lifestyle. For instance, it can be showcased by explaining a few examples as below-
1. Use of Smart Lighting-
i. Take the zero-volt challenge to save money on your electric bill quickly and effortlessly.
ii. Replace your lightbulbs with LEDs.
2. Responsible Travelling-
i. Carpooling, use of public transport is quite an effective way.
ii. Unnecessary aggressive driving, speeding, frequently braking lead to an increase in carbon footprint.
3. Going Green-
i. Planting more trees, adopting greener habits such as paper bags, jute & cotton bags, etc.
4. Consider shifting to renewable energy resources-
i. Installing Solar Panels etc.
5. Consume local Food-
i. Adopt local, organic, plant-based foods

ii. Use of unprocessed foods from local farmers
These are the fundamental five changes that one can embrace in their daily lifestyle. Because a plastic toothbrush weighs roughly 20 grams on average, it's possible to estimate that humankind generates 600 million kg of plastic toothbrush waste in just 365 days. Many individuals are unaware that toothbrushes are not recyclable due to minor components becoming trapped in the mechanism of recycling. There are so many examples in this context.
To create the maximum level of awareness in the societies, eco-minded entrepreneurs have come forward with a unique green business model that supports and promotes sustainable living through the promotion of eco-friendly products and sustainable materials.
Eccotarian Aura is a consumer-driven initiative that aims to create a community that follows, lives, and supports an Ecotarian way of life. Those who care for their mother planet earth will be true nature saviours. The Eccotarian team is simply attempting to create a naturist community.
Eccotarian products are curated with the idea of getting back to the roots, with raw materials being byproducts of a resource and old sustainable living skills being used to create green, eco-friendly items. This includes-
* Use of Copper Utensils
* Use of Jute and Cotton Bags
* Use wooden utilities that include (bathroom utilities, soap cases, wooden toothbrushes instead of plastic toothbrushes, small storage cupboards, etc.)
* Use of Sustainable Furnishings
* Using paper baskets, earthen pots, and much more.
Because sustainable products do not represent a health risk to individuals, they are safe for both the environment and the neighbourhoods in which they are used. Environmentally friendly materials are made with far cleaner manufacturing procedures and are frequently powered by renewable energy sources.
Eccotarian aims to control the daily carbon footprints of every single person on EarthEarth& will have a global clientele of every age and gender. Eccotarian has built an online shopping platform that helps to buy & sell plastic-free, organic, and biodegradable, zero harmful products, ultimately encouraging eco-friendly products and a sustainable living lifestyle.
Aabha Chaudhary, Founder, Eccotarian, focuses on the only long-term approach to averting climatic damage, i.e., reducing carbon emissions. She also emphasizes modifying to a minimalist lifestyle. She explains, "Eccotarians are the Change Makers who are attempting to influence their planet's climate change by utilizing zero-harm products and living an eco-friendly lifestyle for long-term growth & this is the only solution because this is the only way to regulate our environment by becoming Eccotarians."
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