Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers
Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers

CBSE Board Exams 2021 | Last 60 days! Here's what toppers did to score maximum

ANI | Updated: Mar 04, 2021 13:22 IST

New Delhi [India], March 4 (ANI/Mediawire): No matter how well you've prepared so far for CBSE Board Exams 2021 especially after the release of CBSE Date Sheet, the last two months before the exams are highly crucial.
Presence of mind, perseverance, and the will to study are a few essential practices for students appearing for the board exams. Students should be patient, confident, sincere, and hard-working during exam times. Below mentioned are the top study tips that every student must follow to score to the best of their abilities.
1. Time Table
For some students, preparing a well-organized time-table with designated hours for studying, relaxing and sleeping proves very effective. Maintaining a daily ritual of similar study hours and relaxation time helps students keep track of their progress and lower their stress. Now is the time to make sure you do daily revision from CBSE Question Banks and practice from CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 and 12 as well. But if time-tables are not your forte, try studying at regular intervals and bring some punctuality to your study hours. Dedicate the required time for each subject.

Tushar Singh, a CBSE Class 12 Topper from Delhi Public School, Bulandshahr, secured full marks in his 2020 board exam -- an incredible 500 out of 500.
Here is what he says!
"I didn't take any tuitions for the CBSE 12th board exams. I did take tuitions in class 11, but in class 12, I got my doubts solved from my school teachers only," said Tushar Singh.
He also solved sample papers from Oswaal to prepare himself further.
2. Regular Performance Analysis
Students studying for board exams often spend countless hours studying and revising but forget to analyse where they stand in the race. Students need to dedicate a few hours every day solving at least one Sample Paper. Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers are strictly based on the reduced syllabus and include the latest Typologies of Questions introduced for this year's board examination. In addition to this, they include Handwritten Toppers' Answer Sheet, Answering Tips, Commonly Made Errors, Mind Maps & more. Solving these Sample Papers will give you a reality check of your preparations so far.

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Divyanshi Jain scored 600 marks out of a total of 600 to get 100 percent in CBSE Class 12 result 2020.
The youngster credited her parents and teachers for her success, stating that her teachers guided her throughout the year and that she was able to follow a systematic routine due to her parents. "I also made it a point to focus on revision and mock tests that helped me to score better," she added.

3. Sleep and Breaks
The biggest blunder that most students make is lack of sleep during preparation. A regular 7-8 hours of sleep is indispensable. Sleep is the only time when the daily learning of a person gets absorbed or consolidated in the brain. Without sleep, students cannot retain what they've learned. Hence, sleep is essential.
4. Revision and Books
By now, most of the students must have completed their syllabus in schools, institutes, and tuitions, and revision must have already started. But, merely by-hearting the question is not a solution to scoring the highest marks. The highest marks are scored by students who not only remember what they have studied but also understand the concepts. It doesn't matter how many times you've learned if you didn't understand the subject in the first place.
Refer to a few good CBSE Question Banks for extensive practice of questions varying difficulty levels and typologies. Oswaal CBSE Question Banks for Class 10 and 12 are very useful for systematic revision during these last few months. They are neatly segregated Chapter-wise and Topic-wise and include NCERT Questions, Previous Years' Board Questions with their detailed solutions.

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5. Subject-specific Preparation
As students enter higher studies, each subject requires special attention. English and Mathematics can't be studied similarly; all the subjects are different hence treat them with unique preparation. One way to monitor your performance is to solve CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 within the stipulated time (3 hours) to test your answering skills and time management.
Mathematics: Numbers should always be with you. You can't score the highest marks simply by knowing all the formulas; you need to understand their logic and derivations for facing any type of questions during board exams. Tables and formulas must regularly be revised during the preparation for Mathematics. While solving the question, write down all the data given in the question and use them to obtain the answers.
Science: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry are the parts of Science, and each subject requires equal attention as they share similar weightage. Biology requires extensive reading and understanding. It involves diagrams, terms, and functions. Chemistry is highly scoring since it is very logical. Reactions, terms, formulas are the parts of chemistry. Physics is the deciding factor. It requires understanding fundamental concepts, laws and some theorems.
Languages: English, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc. are all languages and highly scoring if given attention. Grammar is the deciding factor of every language. Studying literature is very important and each chapter and poem can be easily remembered if you understand their meaning.
Social Science/Studies: This subject is not always given the credit it deserves. Not only is Social Science very important in life, but it is also easy to study with practice. The trick is to read the chapter like a story and understand why we study history, political science, and geography. Do preferential studying, focus more on the chapters that are easily understood and scoring. History subject involves lots of dates, so preparing flowcharts, tables, and creative visualisations often helps students remember.
Solving various CBSE Question Banks and CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 and 12 can help students gain confidence in their preparation and keep them on the ground while preparing. Make sure you follow the study tips mentioned above in order to score your best.
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