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Zillonlife inspires its distributors from across the country to excel in the spirit of entrepreneurship

ANI | Updated: Sep 13, 2017 15:33 IST

Goa [India], Sept 13 (ANI-BusinessWire India): Zillonlife, an Indian home security and lifestyle company concluded its first annual festival, Z-Fest 2017, held in Goa, to a rousing reception. The training and development event curated by the company successfully inspired Zillonlife's IBCs to excel in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Z-Fest also witnessed the successful launch of two new product lines in the healthcare segment. Air Purifier was launched under the company's flagship Lifecorder brand, while Premium Natural Honey was launched as a brand extension of Sierra Brew.

"Our new line of products embodies bringing positive lifestyle changes. The rate at which urban air pollution has grown across India is alarming. At the same time, our immunity levels have gone down. Since people spend 80 percent of their time indoors, our Air Purifier will allow them to reduce the level of contaminants and improve the quality of air indoors. With the introduction of our healthcare range of products to the Indian market, we aim to contribute to public health in a positive way," said Anubhav Bhatia, Head of Sales and Marketing, Zillonlife.

Market sources estimate the air purifier market in India to be around Rs. 120 crore, with a near 35 percent annual growth rate. The domestic honey market, on the other hand, is estimated at Rs. 700 crore, growing at 15-20 percent annually.

The two innovative product lines launched resonates well with the young and dynamic IBCs of the company who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and get more out of each day.

Lifecorder Health Pure Air Purifier has a combination of the best air filters for most effective purification:

Pre Filter: For large particles, hair and dust

Activated Charcoal: Protects you from chemicals, organic compounds and odour

HEPA filter: For harmful particles including PM 2.5

Ioniser: Ionises air to further remove harmful particles


•Air quality sensor: Real time monitor with level indicator

•Composite filter: For 360 degree protection

•Touch button, function display on LED screen

•Speed: Auto, Low, Normal, High

•Timer: One, two, four, eight hours

•Negative ion

•Sleep mode

•Filter replacement indicator

One of the highlights of the event was about showcasing the potential of direct sales in India. In this age of globalization, advancements in information technology and increased connectivity, the realm of marketing has undergone a sea change. Indian direct selling market still has a long way to go compared to our western counterparts, and the best is yet to come.

Apart from the minimum cost and low risk involved in direct selling, the popularity of this model stems from the fact that the people engaged in direct sales are able to provide a personal touch to their interactions with customers. There is no prerequisite for formal qualifications and provides tremendous flexibility of working hours. In a sense, direct sellers are new age entrepreneurs and their own bosses.

In the wake of the growth of the industry and to cater to the company's distributors and customers in South India, Zillonlife recently launched its Bengaluru regional office. (ANI- BusinessWire India)